Citizen Khan. Image shows from L to R: Mr Khan (Adil Ray), Mrs Khan (Shobu Kapoor). Copyright: BBC.

Citizen Khan

BBC One sitcom about a British-Asian family. 34 episodes (5 series), 2012 - 2016. Stars Adil Ray, Shobu Kapoor, Bhavna Limbachia, Maya Sondhi and others.

Series 1, Episode 1 is repeated on Gold on Saturday 7th August at 8:40am.

Mr Khan

Played by: Adil Ray
Citizen Khan. Mr Khan (Adil Ray). Copyright: BBC.

Proud husband, big-hearted father and self-appointed community leader, Mr Khan is a loveable larger than life character with strong opinions and views.

Originally from Pakistan, Khan is also very proud of being British. His most prized possessions are his yellow Mercedes and his Italian/Chinese-designed checked suit, which he has kept carefully ever since originally purchasing it in 1981.

Mrs Khan

Played by: Shobu Kapoor
Citizen Khan. Mrs Khan (Shobu Kapoor). Copyright: BBC.

Mrs Khan is the one who wears the trousers in the Khan household. Her dream is for her family to be respected, her husband to be successful, and her house to be spotlessly clean. One out of three will have to do...


Played by: Bhavna Limbachia
Citizen Khan. Alia (Bhavna Limbachia). Copyright: BBC.

Youngest daughter Alia wears a hijab but also tight jeans and tops and more make up than a cosmetics counter.

Believing her to be dedicated to her religion and studies, she's the apple of her Dad's eye - little does he know what she really gets up to!


Played by: Maya Sondhi (Series 1-3)   Krupa Pattani (Series 4-5)  
Citizen Khan. Shazia (Krupa Pattani). Copyright: BBC.

Eldest daughter Shazia is in her early 20s. She's fiery and independent and totally besotted with husband Amjad.

Having somehow got her cheapskate Dad to pay for her dream wedding, Shazia's main concern is now little baby Mo.


AKA: Amjad Malik.  Played by: Abdullah Afzal
Citizen Khan. Amjad (Abdullah Afzal). Copyright: BBC.

Amjad is Shazia's husband. He's young, innocent and not the sharpest tool in the box. Shazia is the first girl he has really spoken to and it shows.

Mr. Khan is reluctantly accepting of his daughter's love for Amjad, but it doesn't mean he finds him any less of an idiot!

Perhaps more scarily, Amjad's just been accepted on a training course to become a Police Community Support Officer - or "hobby bobby", as Mr Khan dubs them.

Mrs Malik

Played by: Harvey Virdi
Citizen Khan. Mrs Malik (Harvey Virdi). Copyright: BBC.

Snobby Mrs. Malik is Amjad's mother. Her husband is rich and always away on business.

When she visits the Khan house, Mrs. Khan is always anxious to please her.


Played by: Adlyn Ross
Citizen Khan. Naani (Adlyn Ross). Copyright: BBC.

Naani is Mrs. Khan's mother, and a frequent thorn in Mr. Khan's side!

Having originally briefly visited the family from her home in Pakistan, Naani's now a permanent fixture in the house.


Played by: Kris Marshall (Series 1)   Matthew Cottle (Series 2-5)  
Citizen Khan. Image shows from L to R: Dave (Kris Marshall), Dave (Matthew Cottle). Copyright: BBC.

In Series 1, Dave is a white Muslim convert and Mosque Manager at the local Sparkhill Jamiya Mosque. He's very excited about being part of the Muslim community. He probably knows more about Islam than Mr Khan, although Mr Khan will never admit it.

Series 2 sees a new white, ginger Muslim convert take over as mosque manager... who is also called Dave. To say Mr Khan is alarmed by his appointment would be an understatement.


Played by: Nish Nathwani
Citizen Khan. Riaz (Nish Nathwani). Copyright: BBC.

Riaz is one of the regulars at the Sparkhill Jamiya Mosque, and a regular pawn in Mr. Khan's plans.

Keith (Series 1-3 & 5)

Played by: Phil Nice
Citizen Khan. Keith (Phil Nice). Copyright: BBC.

Keith is the cheerful next door neighbour.

His good nature is regularly exploited by Mr Khan, to the extent Keith finds himself doing things like acting as a butler for Mr Khan. He doesn't seem to mind though, and is keen to understand more about the family's religion.

Omar (Series 1-2)

Played by: Felix Dexter
Citizen Khan. Omar (Felix Dexter). Copyright: BBC.

The always cheerful Omar was a regular at the Sparkhill Jamiya Mosque in the first two series.