Chintz. Image shows from L to R: Fred Nelson (Christopher Benjamin), Dottie Nelson (Dilys Laye), Kate Carter (Michele Dotrice), Richard Carter (Richard Easton). Copyright: Granada Television.


ITV sitcom. 7 episodes (1 series) in 1981. Stars Michele Dotrice, Richard Easton, Dilys Laye, Christopher Benjamin and Claire Nielson.

Series 1

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Monday 27th April 1981

A bet and a burglary are not what was predicted when the Carters invite their neighbours, the Nelsons, over for an evening of stimulating conversation.


2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Monday 4th May 1981

Kate has entasked Richard with a simple errand - hand over a pair of galoshes during a change of trains. It all sounds pretty straightforward but, as usual, complications ensue...


3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Monday 11th May 1981

Richard decides to give an old studio couch to his newly-wed office boy, but finds that Kate has already lent it to the Nelsons - and they seem reluctant to give it back.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Monday 18th May 1981

Richard's relatives visit for lunch but his desire to capture it on film throws the whole event into disarray. Matters are not helped when an old friend arrives - but nobody can remember exactly who he is!


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Monday 25th May 1981

A shopping trip for the Carters is never straightforward and today is no exception. Kate is ordering some new pillows and Richard is returning a defective tin opener - what could be more simple?


6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Monday 1st June 1981

After a protracted argument, Richard finally defers to his wife over who should be using the car. But his mistake at the train station leads to him having "one of those days".


7. Episode Seven

First broadcast: Monday 8th June 1981

The Carters are looking forward to spending a quiet evening with their friends, the Nelsons, but they are aware that the Gribbles are out visiting and must be avoided at all costs...