Chelmsford 123. Image shows from L to R: Aulus Paulinus (Jimmy Mulville), Badvoc (Rory McGrath). Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.

Chelmsford 123

Channel 4 sitcom set amidst the Roman occupation. 13 episodes (2 series), 1988 - 1990. Stars Rory McGrath, Jimmy Mulville, Philip Pope, Howard Lew Lewis and others.

Chelmsford 123 - The Complete Collection

Chelmsford 123 - The Complete Collection

In 123 AD, a young Roman general, Aulus Paulinus (Jimmy Mulville) is found guilty of a most terrible crime, failing to grovel sufficiently to the Emperor. His punishment is the worst job in the Empire - governing Britannia. It's hard to believe, but in those days Britain was a cold, miserable dump, populated by beer-swilling hooligans...

Based in Chelmsford, Aulus knows little - and understands less - of the peoples he has been sent to control, and so regularly finds himself at odds with, and more often than not, outwitted by, the local Celtic tribal leader, Badvoc (Rory McGrath).

This two disc set contains all 13 episodes from both series and provides the missing link in British comic history that the world has been waiting for.

First released: Monday 5th September 2011

  • Distributor: Acorn Media
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 2
  • Catalogue: AV9872

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