Chef!. Image shows from L to R: Everton Stonehead (Roger Griffiths), Gareth Blackstock (Lenny Henry).


BBC One sitcom about a highly-strung star chef. 20 episodes (3 series), 1993 - 1996. Stars Lenny Henry, Caroline Lee Johnson, Roger Griffiths, Claire Skinner and others.

Series 3

1. Gareth's True Love

First broadcast: Monday 25th November 1996

Gareth Blackstock has been forced to sell his restaurant. After he misses a marriage counselling appointment, Janice walks out and begins divorce proceedings. Gareth hopes to win her back, but can he leave Le Chateau Anglais?


2. Reeny/Renée

First broadcast: Monday 2nd December 1996

Renée, the spoilt daughter of new restaurant owner Cyril, joins Gareth's team in the kitchen.


3. Lessons In Talking

First broadcast: Monday 9th December 1996

Talk of divorce gives Gareth severe mood swings as he mingles with his diners.


4. Love In The Air

First broadcast: Monday 16th December 1996

As Gareth struggles to come to terms with his failed marriage, his father arrives to rub salt in his wounds.


5. Rochelle

First broadcast: Monday 23rd December 1996

Love is in the air when a wedding is held at the restaurant and Gareth falls for his childhood sweetheart, Rochelle.


6. Paris? Jamaica?

First broadcast: Monday 30th December 1996

Everton helps sort out the complications in Gareth's love life, while Rochelle invites him to Paris.


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