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Chain Gang

TV sitcom project which was not broadcast.

This comedy has never been broadcast

Chain Gang

BBC Salford Sitcom Showcase pilot set in the Bristol branch of a coffee chain

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BBC Three

At Sunbeans, every macchiato is served with a smile... apart from at one branch in Bristol, where it's more likely to be emptied over your head.

It's run by three of the most lackadaisical lackeys imaginable: Natasha, the 'manager', sees customers as verrucas on the foot of her day; meanwhile her colleagues, Mouse, a smiley harbinger of doom, and Paolo, a camp Brazilian, are as much use as a polystyrene coffee grinder. To rescue this failing outlet, Sunbeans executives send in a trouble-shooter, Alistair. Having come top of his class at the Coffee Academy and been primed for big things, Alistair must first turn round this shop.

Cast and Director TBA. Executive Producer: Pete Thornton for BBC In-House Comedy; Writers: Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil. Producer: Simon Mayhew-Archer.

This pilot is part of the BBC Salford Sitcom Showcase 2013.