Cast Offs. Image shows from L to R: Tom (Tim Gebbels), Gabriella (Sophie Woolley), April (Victoria Wright), Will (Mat Fraser), Carrie (Kiruna Stamell), Dan (Peter Mitchell). Copyright: Eleven Film.

Cast Offs

Channel 4 comedy drama. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2009. Stars Tim Gebbels, Sophie Woolley, Victoria Wright, Mat Fraser, Kiruna Stamell and Peter Mitchell.

Series 1

Cast Offs. Dan (Peter Mitchell). Copyright: Eleven Film.

1. Dan

First broadcast: Tuesday 24th November 2009

Six months in a wheelchair, Dan is sweet, slightly naive and liable to have his pants nicked and stuffed into a postbox. Or at least he is when he's playing with the local wheelchair basketball team.

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Cast Offs. Tom (Tim Gebbels). Copyright: Eleven Film.

2. Tom

First broadcast: Wednesday 25th November 2009

Tom is someone who is perpetually on the outside looking in, and that's quite a difficult thing to accomplish when you're blind!

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Cast Offs. Will (Mat Fraser). Copyright: Eleven Film.

3. Will

First broadcast: Tuesday 1st December 2009

Will, is campaigning to become the disabled community's answer to Barack Obama. But on the island, the only person who is happy to listen to him banging on about disability politics is Dan, and he's starting to lose interest.

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Cast Offs. Gabriella (Sophie Woolley). Copyright: Eleven Film.

4. Gabriella

First broadcast: Wednesday 2nd December 2009

Wedding days should be filled with romance and hope. The trouble is Gabby is marrying a man who isn't romantic and is sort of hopeless.

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Cast Offs. April (Victoria Wright). Copyright: Eleven Film.

5. April

First broadcast: Tuesday 8th December 2009

April has a face that people stare at. And a private life that is kept so locked-up no-one can see inside.

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Cast Offs. Carrie (Kiruna Stamell). Copyright: Eleven Film.

6. Carrie

First broadcast: Wednesday 9th December 2009

The cast offs are preparing to leave the island and Carrie can't wait to get away.

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