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James Van Der Beek interview

What has James Van Der Beek been doing since his days as the Dawson's Creek teen heartthrob? High-minded nonsense with a layer of ridiculous on top, the star reveals.

Kate Hutchinson, The Guardian, 28th April 2017

When Harry (Rio Chambers), an ordinary schoolboy genius from Milton Keynes, creates Honc - an app that allows geeks like him to talk to girls - he attracts the attention of overly sincere, kimono-wearing tool Trent Zebrisky (James Van Der Beek), a billionaire businessman who scoops up the idea for £10m. But will it change them? Most certainly, if Mum Liz (Kerry Godliman) has anything to do with it. Well-meaning family fare in need of a few belly laughs.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 31st March 2017

James Van Der Beek interview

The heart of the show is about the Carter family and there's this young 11-year-old kid who develops this app called HONC, and an American millionaire buys it. He wants to make the app the next Facebook for kids.

Nick Fiaca, TV Choice, 21st March 2017

Sky1 orders new sitcom Carters Get Rich

Sky1 has ordered Carters Get Rich, a new family sitcom about a teenager who sells a phone app for millions of pounds.

British Comedy Guide, 28th June 2016

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