Bull. Rupert Bull (Robert Lindsay). Copyright: John Stanley Productions.


Gold sitcom. 3 episodes (1 series) in 2015. Stars Robert Lindsay, Maureen Lipman, Claudia Jessie and Naz Osmanoglu.

Rupert Bull

Played by: Robert Lindsay
Bull. Rupert Bull (Robert Lindsay). Copyright: John Stanley Productions.

Rupert Bull is a flamboyant antiques dealer who does business the old-fashioned way.

He hardly knows anything about antiques and seems to buy some items that'll never sell, but thanks to sister Beverley's occasional interjections, the business gets by.

Beverley Bull

Played by: Maureen Lipman
Bull. Beverley Bull (Maureen Lipman). Copyright: John Stanley Productions.

Rupert's younger sister, Beverley is short with words and to the point.

Beverley is lazy, and can normally be seen sitting in a chair chain-smoking whilst reading a magazine. Although she often seems asleep, she actually does keep an eye on what is going on around the shop, and often subtly pulls some strings to get Rupert out of trouble.

She used to be a presenter on Antiques Roadshow and is a real expert, but is very happy to sit back and let Rupert run the shop.


Played by: Claudia Jessie
Bull. Faye (Claudia Jessie). Copyright: John Stanley Productions.

New employee Faye is keen but nervous, especially around the curious and often contrary characters of Rupert Bull Antiques.

Enthusiastic about the antiques world, she is trying to learn how to be a good salesperson - but that's a hard thing to do when you keep getting conflicting and confusing tutorials from Rupert and Beverley.


Played by: Naz Osmanoglu
Bull. Toby (Naz Osmanoglu). Copyright: John Stanley Productions.

Toby is the Bulls' odd job man. Emphasis is on the odd.

Rather stupid and very accident prone, it surely can't be long until he's fired. Rupert appears to like having him around though.