Brotherhood. Image shows from L to R: Toby (Johnny Flynn), Jamie (Scott Folan), Dan (Ben Ashenden). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.


Comedy Central sitcom. 8 episodes (1 series) in 2015. Stars Ben Ashenden, Johnny Flynn, Scott Folan, Gemma Chan, Ellie Taylor and Sarah Hadland.

Series 1

Brotherhood. Image shows from L to R: Auntie Debbie (Sarah Hadland), Dan (Ben Ashenden). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

1. School

First broadcast: Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Having not spoken for 6 months, Jamie's hidden from elder brothers Dan and Toby that parents' evening is fast approaching. A meddling reminder from Auntie Debbie makes them aware, but Dan's got other plans and Toby's trying to trace a girl.


2. Poppy

First broadcast: Tuesday 9th June 2015

The flat is a bit of a boys' club until Dan's colleague Poppy gets evicted and needs a place to stay. Toby and Jamie see the advantages of her feminine influence but Dan knows better.


3. Language

First broadcast: Tuesday 16th June 2015

Dan falls hard for Blanka, from the local Polish delicatessen. Trouble is, Blanka doesn't speak a word of English. Meanwhile, Toby and Jamie engage in some serious sibling rivalry.


4. Birthday

First broadcast: Tuesday 23rd June 2015

It's Jamie's birthday, and Dan's determined to throw him a good party like their mum used to. He's got a present sorted, and just needs Toby to get something and to invite the guests.


5. Mating

First broadcast: Tuesday 30th June 2015

Dan's love life is a disgrace so Poppy decides it's time she finds him a date... easier said than done. Toby makes a new 'mate' and Jamie is on the receiving end of Auntie Debbie.


6. Pregnant

First broadcast: Tuesday 7th July 2015

Toby freaks out when Jamie's teacher Miss Pemberton tells him he's going to be a dad. Meanwhile, Poppy tries to get Jamie into zombie flicks.


7. Work

First broadcast: Tuesday 14th July 2015

Dan is sick and tired of Toby not having a job but learns to 'be careful what you wish for' when he starts working at his office! Jamie is ill and at the mercy of Auntie Debbie.


8. Dad

First broadcast: Tuesday 21st July 2015

The boys work through Daddy issues when their loveable rogue of a father drops by unannounced. Toby and Jamie are delighted but Dan is less pleased.