Bromwell High. Image shows from L to R: Iqbal (Simon Greenall), Natella (Jo Wyatt), Latrina (Nina Conti), Keisha (Gina Yashere). Copyright: Hat Trick Productions / Decode Entertainment.

Bromwell High

Channel 4 sitcom. 13 episodes (1 series) in 2005. Stars Nina Conti, Graeme Garden, Simon Greenall, Doon Mackichan, Stephen Mangan, Stephen Merchant, Tracy-Ann Oberman and others.

Series 1

1. Baby Boom

First broadcast: Friday 19th August 2005

Latrina's mum has just given birth to yet another baby, which Latrina accidentally brings into school in her bag. In a ploy to get rid of the baby in a spot that she has not previously used, Latrina swaps the infant with the sex education teacher's doll. Will the teacher even notice?


2. Prefect

First broadcast: Friday 26th August 2005

Keisha's behavioural problems have reached epic proportions and it is time for Iqbal and Mr Bibby to take drastic measures.


3. Sweets

First broadcast: Friday 2nd September 2005

When the girls find themselves in possession of a truckload of black market sweets, they quickly discover that the sweets are - quite literally - mind-blowing.

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4. Sack Race

First broadcast: Friday 9th September 2005

When PE teacher Mr Philips gives Latrina a grubby old vest that she believes belonged to Bromwell High's famous sporting alumnus Leroy Thomas, she immediately displays an astonishing, and not unsurprising, athletic prowess.

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5. Keisha's In Love

First broadcast: Friday 16th September 2005

Bromwell High has a new pupil - blonde-haired, blue-eyed Spencer. Keisha starts to experience strange warm and tingly feelings every time she sees Spencer, causing her to shower him not with affection, but with punches.

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6. No More Teachers

First broadcast: Friday 23rd September 2005

When Mr Anderson quits to become a global pop star, the rest of Bromwell High's staff sink into a rut of depression at their own unrewarding career statuses. Resigning en masse, Iqbal is left with his biggest recruitment challenge to date.

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