The British Comedy Awards. Jonathan Ross. Copyright: Unique Productions / CPL Productions
The British Comedy Awards

The British Comedy Awards

  • TV factual
  • ITV / Channel 4
  • 1990 - 2014
  • 25 episodes

Britain's premier comedy awards for almost 25 years, honouring the very best in the business. Features Jonathan Ross.

Press clippings

British Comedy Awards 2015 to be delayed

The British Comedy Awards 2015 are to be delayed until next year as discussions with a new broadcast partner have not yet been finalised.

British Comedy Guide, 20th October 2015

British Comedy Awards move to a new TV channel

It has been confirmed The British Comedy Awards are leaving Channel 4, with the ceremony set to be broadcast on a different station from this year.

British Comedy Guide, 17th June 2015

Channel 4 drops British Comedy Awards

The British Comedy Awards have been dropped by Channel 4.

The Guardian, 16th June 2015

10 great moments from the British Comedy Awards

As Channel 4 say they are dropping the ceremony after four years, we look back at some of the memorable moments in the 24-year history of The British Comedy Awards...

Chortle, 16th June 2015

The British Comedy Awards 2014 review

It's easy to be cynical whilst watching such a grandiose display of wealth and status, and there were times throughout the production where I did feel like the spirit of British Comedy was being exploited, but, unlike Stewart Lee, I chose to ignore that this year.

Becca Moody, Moody Comedy, 23rd December 2014

Stewart Lee: I've had it with comedy awards

Vanity and ambition drove me to attend my first British Comedy Awards in 20 years. I'm sorry, it won't happen again.

Stewart Lee, The Observer, 21st December 2014

Garry Bushell: You know Jack about comedy!

Leaving aside Jonathan Ross' monologue, the night consists of iffy nominations, witless acceptance speeches and dodgy results.

Garry Bushell, Daily Star, 21st December 2014

Radio Times review

Now in its 25th year, The British Comedy Awards remains that rare thing: an awards ceremony with the potential for something unpredictable and interesting to happen. Still, some things are guaranteed: Jonathan Ross will say something deeply off-colour, making the audience "Ooh" like mischievous schoolchildren. Leading the nominations with six is Matt Berry's shouty-voiced sitcom Toast Of London, while among those competing for the King Or Queen Of Comedy award are David Mitchell, Jo Brand and Greg Davies.

Gwilym Mumford, Radio Times, 17th December 2014

British Comedy Awards 2014 review

Channel 4 are rumoured to be dropping the awards next year so unless they return to ITV, they could disappear from terrestrial for good.

Alice Jones, The Independent, 17th December 2014

British Comedy Awards - it's all in the timing

I don't know if he was watching The British Comedy Awards on C4 last night but they might as well have been dubbed The Irish Comedy Awards.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 17th December 2014

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