Bremner, Bird And Fortune.

Bremner, Bird And Fortune

Channel 4 sketch show. 82 episodes (14 series), 1999 - 2008. Stars Rory Bremner, John Bird and John Fortune.

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The best of British satire: 7 vintage shows

Spitting Image is returning. Some are expecting the new series to represent the welcome, and long overdue, rehabilitation of British satire. Others fear a toothless, joyless effort. Either way, it will face some tough comparisons - most notably with itself. The satire boom of the 60s precipitated a long line of insightful, scabrous, satirical shows. So here, in no particular order, are seven of the best.

Tim Dawson, The Spectator, 27th August 2020

10 satire shows we need back on our TV screens

It's fair to say that we don't have much satire on TV at the moment. So, are we really beyond satire now? Have things become too surreal? Well, I'm not so sure. In no particular order, here are ten shows that I think need a revival in these turbulent times.

Rhianna Evans, Super Ink, 7th August 2019

1996 comedy sketch is an eerie prophecy of Brexit

A recently reemerged clip from the 90s comedy sketch show Bremner, Bird and Fortune, which starred comedians John Bird, John Fortune and Rory Bremner, takes a shot at the Eurosceptics of the mid-90s. Bird assumes the character of George Parr, a fictional Tory MP who isn't too fond of the EU, the European Court of Human Rights, Greek words and the women of Luxembourg.

Greg Evans, The Independent, 2nd August 2019

In praise of ... George Parr

His was the voice of the establishment and from his mouth issued the most flatulent of hypocrisies.

The Guardian, 2nd January 2014

John Fortune: 'one of satire's leading lights'

Michael Hogan pays tribute to the comedian John Fortune who has died at the age of 74.

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 31st December 2013

5 of John Fortune's funniest satirical sketches

We take a look back at 5 of the most memorable moments from The Long Johns series.

Claire Hodgson, The Mirror, 31st December 2013

Rory Bremner casualty of C4 cuts

Channel 4 sources confirmed that there were no plans to commission a new series of Bremner, Bird and Fortune, although there would still be one-off specials.

Amanda Andrews, The Telegraph, 6th May 2009