Boy Meets Girl. Image shows from L to R: Judy (Rebecca Root), Leo (Harry Hepple). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Boy Meets Girl

BBC Two sitcom about a couple and their families. 12 episodes (2 series), 2015 - 2016. Stars Rebecca Root, Harry Hepple, Denise Welch, Nigel Betts and others.


Played by: Rebecca Root
Boy Meets Girl. Judy (Rebecca Root). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Judy is transexual. She transitioned relatively late in life and struggled with love ever since. In Leo, it looks like she's found her soul-mate.


Played by: Harry Hepple
Boy Meets Girl. Leo (Harry Hepple). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Struggling with work, life and love, Leo's life takes a marked turn toward the positive when he meets Judy.

Honest, caring and thoughtful, the LGBT world is entirely new to him, and aside from the odd stumble, he takes to it quickly, utterly unphased.


Played by: Denise Welch
Boy Meets Girl. Pam (Denise Welch). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Pam is Leo's passive-aggressive, judgemental mother. A hair-dresser, she thinks both he and James need to stop dossing at home and get out and get jobs.

She doesn't approve of Leo going out with Judy. She doesn't think he should go out with an older woman. And she certainly doesn't take too kindly to the initial revelation about Judy's past. Slowly, however, she begins to come around to the reality of Leo's love for Judy, and starts to embrace the LGBT community.

Judy's oddball family, however, are another matter.


Played by: Nigel Betts
Boy Meets Girl. Tony (Nigel Betts). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Tony is Leo and James's father. With angsty wife Pam never far from his back, he's learned to be calm, laid-back, and keep himself to himself when the need arises.

Following a rather blunt, dead-end visit to the Jobcentre, Tony spots potential for a new business, in the form of the closed-down café next to the salon in which Pam works. Together with otherwise unemployed James, there's surely an opportunity to be had?


Played by: Jonny Dixon
Boy Meets Girl. James (Jonny Dixon). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

James is Leo's spoilt brother. His 'job' has traditionally seemed to consist of lazing around the house and eating crisps, but since Dad Tony lost his job, there seems to be a (potentially) bright future for the pair in the form of a local café.

His happy-go-lucky, laid-back attitude makes him a hit with the ladies - except, it seems, the one who's really caught his eye: his mum's boss, Anji.


Played by: Janine Duvitski
Boy Meets Girl. Peggy (Janine Duvitski). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Peggy is Judy's easy-going mother. She totally supports her daughter and is very straight talking and open around topics surrounding her transition.


Played by: Lizzie Roper
Boy Meets Girl. Jackie (Lizzie Roper). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Jackie is Judy's sister. A curvaceous, vivacious, if not at times crude and melancholic woman, she takes every opportunity to be a man-eater.

When she meets pest controller Dean, it looks like she might finally have found her match.


Played by: Vineeta Rishi
Boy Meets Girl. Anji (Vineeta Rishi). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Anji is Pam's boss at the hair salon. She often turns up late, and at times appears to do little work herself.

Dean (Series 2)

Played by: Steve Marsh
Boy Meets Girl. Dean (Steve Marsh). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Dean works in pest control. After an outbreak of rats around the salon and café, he hits it off very quickly with Jackie.

Charlie (Series 2)

Boy Meets Girl. Charlie (Tyler Luke Cunningham). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Charlie, a female-to-male transexual, goes to the same support group as Judy.

With her advice and support he comes out to his girlfriend - and is quickly thrown out onto the street. It looks like he's found a saviour in a remarkably welcoming Pam, though.