The Boy In The Dress. Dennis (Billy Kennedy). Copyright: BBC / King Bert Productions.

The Boy In The Dress

Press Clippings

How David Walliams conquered Christmas

The unlikely rise of the bestselling children's author.

Anna Leszkiewicz, The New Statesman, 5th December 2018

The Boy in the Dress review

For the third year in a row it appears as if David Walliams has done it again and provided a Christmas family treat.

Unreality TV, 26th December 2014

'The Boy in the Dress' review

Oh, blessums, The Boy In The Dress really is an utterly sweet tale.

Sami Kelsh, Cult Box, 26th December 2014

The Boy In The Dress leaves Twitter divided

Twitter was left in two minds about the BBC adaptation of David Walliams' The Boy In The Dress.

Katie Baillie, Metro, 26th December 2014

The Boy in the Dress, TV review

David Walliams' Boxing Day treat is a celebration of being different.

Neela Debnath, The Independent, 26th December 2014

The Boy in the Dress, review: 'witty and heart-warming'

What really impressed me about The Boy in the Dress was how deftly it skipped across its heavily mined social territory by simply treating it as no big deal.

Tim Martin, The Telegraph, 26th December 2014

The Boy in the Dress - what did you think?

David Walliams brings the festive fun for young viewers - and we want to know what you thought?

Radio Times, 26th December 2014

David Walliams interview

Walliams still grapples with the trauma of his parents cancelling his stocking, but enjoyed dressing up as a doll.

James Rampton, Radio Times, 26th December 2014

Radio Times review

It would be tempting to think that the focus of this story is its creator, David Walliams, who was no stranger to rocking a frock in Little Britain and Come Fly with Me. But the comic actor turned children's writer has a serious point to make in this uplifting version of his debut novel.

Our hero is 12-year-old Dennis (Billy Kennedy), who lives with his couch-potato dad and unreconstructed brother. Dennis is missing his mother, who has left home to live with a roofer, but he soon finds an escape.

A gifted footballer, Dennis also discovers through his new friend Lisa (the school's coolest girl), that wearing dresses makes him happy. How will he reconcile his interests, or sneak past his fashion-police teachers?

Walliams's knack of championing the outsider and celebrating difference shines out of a story he says isn't autobiographical, but is "very personal". It's no wonder such a quality cast signed up, including Jennifer Saunders, Tim McInnerny, Steve Speirs and James Buckley, who has some of the best lines as a supremely negative PE teacher. Even supermodel Kate Moss gets to shake a tailfeather, and Walliams allows himself a cameo as a camp referee.

It's a refreshingly unusual Christmas treat with a punch-the-air final act, and a great use of Queen - have a guess which song they use.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 26th December 2014

David Walliams' children's story is one of the bolder festive family offerings this year - and not just because it isn't set in a soft-focused past. If you've read the novel, you'll know it's about a 12-year-old cross-dresser who comes into his own after a chance encounter with a fashion mag. Walliams stars alongside Jennifer Saunders, James Buckley, Meera Syal and Kate Moss.

Richard Vine, The Guardian, 24th December 2014