Bounty Hunters. Image shows from L to R: Nina Morales (Rosie Perez), Barnaby Walker (Jack Whitehall). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

Bounty Hunters

Sky One comedy drama about bounty hunters. 11 episodes (2 series), 2017 - 2019. Stars Jack Whitehall, Rosie Perez, Charity Wakefield, Robert Lindsay and others.

Barnaby Walker

AKA: Barnaby Mallard Walker.  Played by: Jack Whitehall
Bounty Hunters. Barnaby Walker (Jack Whitehall). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

Barnaby Walker is uptight and has never left the safety of university, where he is studing a seemingly endless art history PhD in Flemish textiles.

No one in his family takes him seriously, so when his father winds up in hospital following a mysterious accident he's determined to save the day by taking over the Walkers' struggling antiques business. He's out to prove himself, but along the way, he discovers secrets about his family that make him question everything he's formerly taken for granted.

Nina Morales

Played by: Rosie Perez
Bounty Hunters. Nina Morales (Rosie Perez). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

Badass bounty hunter Nina Morales isn't afraid of breaking rules (or bones). From the gritty heart of New York City, she's a fiery Puerto Rican whose family comes first.

A breadwinner, she supports her overbearing mother, her directionless niece Sofia, and her cousin Pancho, who's far from the sharpest tool in the shed. She tends to act first and ask questions later, and as a result is often in big trouble.

Leah Walker

Bounty Hunters. Leah Walker (Charity Wakefield). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

Barnaby's sister doesn't think rules apply to her. She's never had a proper job or stuck with anything. Due to a mixture of luck, charm and her dad's willingness to bail her out, nothing has ever gone too wrong. Her attractiveness doesn't hurt, either.

Less naive than her brother, Leah knows her father's foibles and is prepared to use them to her advantage. She's also not afraid to screw people over. But the question is: how far will she go? When push comes to shove, is she as ruthless as she likes to think?

Nigel Walker

AKA: Nigel Benedict Walker.  Played by: Robert Lindsay
Bounty Hunters. Nigel Walker (Robert Lindsay). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

Barnaby and Leah's dad Nigel is a wheeler dealer. He gets away with it, though, because he went to the right school and talks the right way.

Ostensibly an upright antiques' dealer, he's bright, charming and good at what he does. From the outside he's the perfect family man, too - with kids, a posh Wimbledon pad and a wife he's been married to for decades. However, he's a man with many secrets. And he's out for himself, more than you could believe.

Colin McQueen (Series 2)

Played by: Steve Pemberton
Bounty Hunters. Colin McQueen (Steve Pemberton). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

Colin McQueen is a history teacher at Eton College, whose interests lie more in the 'specialist' end of the antiques market.

Having dealt with Nigel in the past, Colin wants to get his hands on that final, elusive piece of art and believes Barnaby might be the man to help him.

Fiona Walker

Played by: Sophie Thompson
Bounty Hunters. Fiona Walker (Sophie Thompson). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

A loving mum, devoted wife and committed member of the Wimbledon WI, Fiona succeeds by not seeing things she doesn't want to see. She puts her wayward daughter's behaviour down to her artistic temperament and believes her husband Nigel is honest and faithful. It's Barnaby who keeps her up at night. She reckons he's sweet but useless, and not the sort of person you'd trust with anything important.

Maria (Series 1)

Played by: Olga Merediz

Maria is Nina's mother. She finds herself in London mixed up in all the troubles.

Sofia (Series 1)

Played by: Daniella Piper
Bounty Hunters. Sofia (Daniella Piper). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

Sofa and Nina are not sisters, but they're very close. She joins Maria and Pancho on the trip to the UK and finds herself having to dodge bad people too.

Pancho (Series 1)

Played by: Gabriel Rodriguez (as G-Rod)

Pancho is part of Nina's family.


AKA: Angel Flores.  Played by: Christian Ochoa
Bounty Hunters. Angel (Christian Ochoa). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

Angel is the violent son of Mexican cartel lord Alejandro and is obsessed with reputation and revenge. His family are losing their grip on the criminal underworld and he wants to help them win back their power, particularly because he feels his father has never taken him seriously. He's a dangerous man with a point to prove. God help anyone who gets in his way.

Angel is obsessed with reputation and revenge especially since he's been locked in Barnaby and Nina's car boot for days, being helped to piss in a bottle by Barnaby. He's a dangerous man with a point to prove and our hapless heroes are very much in his sights.

DI Suleiman (Series 1)

Played by: Amber Aga
Bounty Hunters. DI Suleiman (Amber Aga). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

Suleiman is a brilliant detective hell-bent on stopping the art antiquities trade that funds terrorists. The problem is, no one else seems to back her in her cause, least of all her boss, DCI Robinson. Suleiman's determination to bring down the black market's biggest players puts her at odds with the establishment. Although she doesn't care, this could well be her undoing.

DS Evans (Series 1)

Played by: Ben Bailey Smith
Bounty Hunters. DS Evans (Ben Bailey Smith). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

DS Evans works alongside Detective Suleiman. The pair are trying to work out what the Walker family have been up to.

Webb Sherman

Played by: Bradley James
Bounty Hunters. Webb Sherman (Bradley James). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

Webb, along with his brother, is a super-rich American, who is pretty used to getting his own way. He and his identical twin brother love fine art and don't care where it comes from.

Keegan Sherman

Played by: Bradley James
Bounty Hunters. Keegan Sherman (Bradley James). Copyright: Cave Bear Productions.

Even for twins, Webb and Keegan's relationship is decidedly close, with Keegan's feelings for his brother crossing a particularly troubling line. Still, underestimate them at your peril. The Shermans may not like getting their hands dirty, but know plenty of people who do.

The twins want to get their hands on Hitler's only nude painting, Die Braunen Jungfrauen, and they will go to any length to do so, including hiring an assassin and putting a price on Barnaby's head.

Alejandro (Series 1)

Played by: Daniel Faraldo

Mexican cartel lord Alejandro is the head of a crime family, but their apparently illustrious family history makes for nothing when money is on the wane. Can Angel help him get the family's honour back?

The Investigator (Series 2)

Played by: Sheila Atim

The Investigator is a ruthless bounty hunter hired by the Sherman twins to hunt down Barnaby in Mexico.