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Bottom. Image shows from L to R: Richie Richard (Rik Mayall), Eddie Hitler (Adrian Edmondson). Copyright: BBC.


BBC Two sitcom about two rude men. 18 episodes (3 series), 1991 - 1995. Stars Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson.

Series 2, Episode 2 - Culture

After their TV is repossessed by Rumbelows, Eddie and Richie are left bored at home for the evening. Perhaps a game of chess could pass the time.

Broadcast details

Thursday 8th October 1992
30 minutes


  1. Monday 6th June 2011 at 11:20pm on Gold
  2. Tuesday 7th June 2011 at 1:30am on Gold
  3. Tuesday 11th October 2011 at 11:20pm on Gold
  4. Wednesday 12th October 2011 at 1:55am on Gold
  5. Tuesday 31st January 2012 at 12:40am on Gold
  6. Tuesday 31st January 2012 at 11:20pm on Gold
  7. Tuesday 12th June 2012 at 10:20pm on Gold
  8. Wednesday 13th June 2012 at 1:00am on Gold
  9. Saturday 28th June 2014 at 9:40pm on Gold
  10. Sunday 29th June 2014 at 1:05am on Gold
  11. Saturday 13th September 2014 at 9:40pm on Gold
  12. Sunday 14th September 2014 at 1:40am on Gold
  13. Sunday 22nd February 2015 at 10:20pm on Gold
  14. Monday 20th April 2015 at 9:40pm on Gold
  15. Tuesday 21st April 2015 at 2:00am on Gold
  16. Saturday 25th July 2015 at 11:00pm on Gold
  17. Sunday 26th July 2015 at 1:50am on Gold
  18. Saturday 14th November 2015 at 10:20pm on Gold
  19. Sunday 15th November 2015 at 2:15am on Gold
  20. Saturday 20th February 2016 at 10:20pm on Gold
  21. Saturday 8th October 2016 at 9:40pm on Gold
  22. Sunday 1st January 2017 at 9:55pm on Gold
  23. Friday 3rd February 2017 at 10:20pm on Gold
  24. Saturday 18th March 2017 at 9:40pm on Dave
  25. Friday 21st July 2017 at 11:15pm on Gold
  26. Tuesday 1st August 2017 at 12:25am on Gold
  27. Friday 16th February 2018 at 10:35pm on Gold

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Rik Mayall Richie Richard
Adrian Edmondson Eddie Hitler
Writing team
Rik Mayall Writer
Adrian Edmondson Writer
Production team
Ed Bye Director
Ed Bye Producer
Ed Wooden Editor
Chris Hull Production Designer
Garry Freeman Production Designer

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