Borderline. Image shows from L to R: Clive Hassler (David Elms), Grant Brodie (Jamie Michie), Linda Proctor (Jackie Clune), Andy Church (Liz Kingsman), Tariq Mansoor (David Avery). Copyright: Little Rock.


Channel 5 sitcom set in an airport. 12 episodes (2 series), 2016 - 2017. Stars Jackie Clune, David Avery, Liz Kingsman, David Elms and others.

Linda Proctor

AKA: Linda Proctor.  Played by: Jackie Clune
Borderline. Linda Proctor (Jackie Clune). Copyright: Little Rock.

Proctor is the Borderline's chief Inspector. She's a woman stretched too thin - both at work and at home. Proctor is constantly balancing her fear of making a mistake with her desire to be liked by her team. After years of treading this fine line, Proctor's slowly running out of the energy it takes to maintain a facade. Her major priority now is just getting through the day without any major dramas - or saying something she'll regret.

Tariq Mansoor

AKA: Tariq Mansoor.  Played by: David Avery
Borderline. Tariq Mansoor (David Avery). Copyright: Little Rock.

Tariq is the cool guy at the office - but that's not hard to do at The Borderline. He's young, attractive and an amateur DJ who dreams of "making it." To him, the Borderline is just a stop-gap before stardom.

Andy Church

AKA: Andy Church.  Played by: Liz Kingsman
Borderline. Andy Church (Liz Kingsman). Copyright: Little Rock.

Andy is dry and witty. She's tough, determined and always wants to do the right thing, but her sarcasm can land her in trouble.

Clive Hassler

AKA: Clive Hassler.  Played by: David Elms
Borderline. Clive Hassler (David Elms). Copyright: Little Rock.

Clive is an 8-year-old boy stuck in a 25-years-old's body. Weird, socially incompetent, and - well, he's just weird. All Clive wants is new friends; new best friends; best friends forever.

Grant Brodie

AKA: Grant Brody.  Played by: Jamie Michie
Borderline. Grant Brodie (Jamie Michie). Copyright: Little Rock.

Grant is an ignorant teddy bear of a man. He wears his heart on his sleeve (especially when it comes to Dasha, the Ukrainian traveller who he falls in love with). We wouldn't say Grant's a racist, but he's definitely not seen much of the world.

Mo Khan

Played by: Guz Khan
Borderline. Mo Khan (Guz Khan). Copyright: Little Rock.

Mo is one of the the baggage-handlers at Northend Airport. He's big, loud, and proud of being Muslim. Mo's the trickster who calls out the Borderline on all their bullshit. But his main game is driving Proctor nuts.

Sujan Stevens

Played by: Sunil Patel
Borderline. Sujan Stevens (Sunil Patel). Copyright: Little Rock.

Sujan works alongside Mo. He's quieter than his colleague, but still gets involved in various misdemeanours.