Bobby And Harriet Get Married. Image shows from L to R: Harriet (Harriet Kemsley), Bobby (Bobby Mair).

Bobby And Harriet Get Married

VICE and Comedy Central sitcom following Bobby Mair and Harriet Kemsley. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2017. Stars Bobby Mair and Harriet Kemsley.

Series 1

1. This Is Going Nowhere Good

First broadcast: Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Bobby and Harriet start wondering if they will ever be able to afford the wedding. With very different ideas on how the day should pan out and how they will pay for it, will the couple ever come to an agreement or is time to call the whole thing off?


2. You're Just A Cold, Strange People

First broadcast: Wednesday 9th August 2017

Harriet feels the pressure to be the perfect bride as the wedding draws nearer, but is going on dating apps the answer to boosting her confidence? And will Bobby ever not be angry?


3. I Don't Like Drums Or Bass

First broadcast: Wednesday 16th August 2017

Bobby learns that Best Man, Dylan, is to propose but will he return the honour? Meanwhile, Harriet is forced into a world of pain as she has to cut down the guest list.


4. What Do Boys Like?

First broadcast: Wednesday 23rd August 2017

As Bobby's excitement grows, Harriet is consumed by worries for her independence. Duplicity, sabotage and Katherine Ryan all feature as the couple's fears and insecurities clash.


5. Just Another Wedding

First broadcast: Wednesday 30th August 2017

The Big Day. Bobby's drunken mentor, Mike, is in town for the wedding but serves only as a reminder of Bobby's bacchanalian past - is he still a fun guy?


6. Why Are We In The Hospital, Harriet?

First broadcast: Wednesday 6th September 2017

The honeymoon appears to be over as Harriet reacts badly to a snap pea but almost nothing will get in the way of the couple's attempts to reach Santorini.