Bluestone 42. Nick (Oliver Chris). Copyright: BBC.

Bluestone 42

BBC Three sitcom about the military. 21 episodes (3 series), 2013 - 2015. Stars Laura Aikman, Matthew Lewis, Stephen Wight, Tony Gardner and others.

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Bluestone 42, War and Comedy

A few weeks ago, I was asked a few questions about Bluestone 42 for an article on the BBC Website about comedy and war, prompted by the Dad's Army movie. I thought some people might be interested to read that e-interview in full.

James Cary, 7th February 2016

Bluestone 42 ends

The writers of the army-based BBC Three comedy Bluestone 42 have confirmed that there will be no further series of the popular sitcom.

British Comedy Guide, 15th July 2015

The cruel reality of British sitcoms

So it's tatty bye to Bluestone 42's Captain Nick Medhurst. The bomb disposal detachment's charismatic Ammunition Technical Officer played by Oliver Chris has finally run out of luck.

Everything I Know About The UK..., 20th March 2015

Oliver Chris bows out of Bluestone 42

Tonight's episode of the Afghanistan-set BBC Three comedy saw the introduction of Laura Aikman's ATO Ellen Best after Nick Medhurst lost his leg in an explosion.

Susanna Lazarus and Huw Fullerton, Radio Times, 16th March 2015

The tricky business of making bomb disposal in Afghanistan funny gets easier when there's specific strife close to the characters. This week, one of their number takes a hit, leaving the rest to stew in their own feelings and fears while they wait for good or terrible news. Life goes on, though: the questions for the pub quiz still need to be stolen from the Lt Col's office. You'd like the pent-up emotion to punch through the joshing bravado more strongly, but for the army sitcom's fans, this is a biggie.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 16th March 2015

You'll be amazed to learn that I've never served in the Armed Forces, so I can't say for sure whether Bluestone 42 is accurate. I haven't watched it much before either - this was the opener of the third series - so I haven't spent time with the characters. It wasn't uproariously funny, but at least rang true. It began with an armoured vehicle being hit by an IED, just as those inside were making some pretty sick jokes about a colleague who'd lost an eye. The language was fruitier than Um Bongo and the badinage was, almost literally, gallows humour.

Getting this right - mining humour from genuine peril, in a real-life scenario - may be a stretch too far for a low-budget BBC Three comedy. But I'm glad they're trying, and I wonder what happens to these shows when BBC Three "goes online". The worry is that the lowest comic denominator fills the void, and new writers or voices that might have cut their teeth finding comedy in tragedy and so on will be left sifting through video clips or doing Paul Whitehouse's prosthetics.

Benji Wilson, The Telegraph, 14th March 2015

Bluestone 42, series three, episode one, review

This sitcom has plenty of potential but is not given the comedy it deserves.

Gabriel Tate, The Telegraph, 9th March 2015

Bluestone 42 is back with a bang

It's an exciting start that combines the series greatest strengths- gallows humour and idiotic antics (a highlight in tonight's episode being an inappropriately-timed punching game) interspersed with genuinely impressive (for a sitcom budget) stunts and, of course, plenty of big booms.

Huw Fullerton, Radio Times, 9th March 2015

The secrets of filming Bluestone 42

The writers of the hit Afghanistan-set series reveal the pitfalls of setting your workplace sitcom in a warzone...

Richard Hurst and James Cary, Radio Times, 9th March 2015

Bluestone 42 is back with a bang

Bluestone 42 looks to continue to deliver quality episodes which fans of the show like myself have become accustomed to.

The Custard TV, 9th March 2015