Bloods. Image shows from L to R: Wendy (Jane Horrocks), Maleek (Samson Kayo). Copyright: Roughcut Television.


Sky One and Sky Arts sitcom about two paramedics. 7 episodes (1 series), 2018 - 2021. Stars Jane Horrocks, Samson Kayo, Lucy Punch, Julian Barratt and others.

Press Clippings

Bloods (Sky One) pairs Famalam's Samson Kayo with, bizarrely, Jane Horrocks, as a mismatched pair of paramedics. The opener has each of them struggling towards any kind of cultural rapport - he big and angry and avowedly from the 'hood, she librarian-kind and mousy and determinedly from the suburbs of somewhere northern. It somehow works as comedy, if of the sweeter rather than distinctly darker kind. Hugely helped by the outlying cast, particularly Lucy Motherland Punch as the boss with an unrequited crush on sad widower Julian Barratt. Who would (quite inexplicably) rather cry into his pint than jump her bones.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 9th May 2021

Sunday with Julian Barratt

The comedian usually settles for walking around Hampstead Heath, wearing clothes.

The Observer, 9th May 2021

Review: Bloods, Frank Of Ireland

Reviews of Sky One's new sitcom, as well as the Channel 4 sitcom, plus Johnny Vegas: Carry On Glamping.

Aidan Smith, The Scotsman, 8th May 2021

Bloods, episode 1 review

Samson Kayo outshines Jane Horrocks in this odd-couple comedy.

Anita Singh, The Telegraph, 5th May 2021

Bloods, Sky One, review

It was hard to laugh at this paramedic comedy - the medical emergencies felt too real.

Barbara Speed, i Newspaper, 5th May 2021

Bloods review

A magnificent paramedic comedy full of gallows humour.

Sean O'Grady, The Independent, 5th May 2021

Bloods review

Patchy paramedic comedy unlikely to split your sides.

Lucy Mangan, The Guardian, 5th May 2021

Bloods review

For a show that features crack addicts, multi-vehicle pile-ups and a cardiac arrest, Bloods is surprisingly silly.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 5th May 2021

Bloods: Mining a fresh vein of comedy

Samson Kayo, Nathan Bryon and Ash Atalla explain how a sliding-doors moment led to the two young talents being entrusted with a major sitcom.

Broadcast, 5th May 2021

Lucy Punch on Motherland and Bloods

The actress on having it all, her new medical comedy, the return of Amanda and why her 'snide, smug' face is a blessing.

Alice Jones, i Newspaper, 4th May 2021