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Black Mirror

Channel 4 and Netflix comedy drama created by Charlie Brooker. 7 episodes (2 series), 2011 - 2014.

Press Clippings

The maverick appeal of anthology series

As the film industry grows obsessed with serialised franchises, TV has become more open to shorter, self-contained stories. Louis Chilton talks to Soulmates writer William Bridges and Inside No. 9's Steve Pemberton about the new resurgence of a classic TV format.

Louis Chilton, The Independent, 6th February 2021

Hugh Grant almost played PM in The National Anthem

Hugh Grant, who played the Prime Minister in Love Actually, almost played Black Mirror's Prime Minister who has sex with a pig.

Laurence Mozafari, Digital Spy, 12th January 2021

How everything went all Black Mirror

As coronavirus ignorance in Big Brother Germany draws comparisons to Dead Set and sci-fi becomes more and more indebted to Black Mirror, Adam White explores how Brooker came to dominate every aspect of popular culture.

Adam White, The Independent, 28th March 2020

Euan Ferguson's best TV of 2019

Fleabag, of course, but also GameFace, Aisling Bea's This Way Up, Motherland - and that lovely, short sweet run, State Of The Union. Black Mirror as well, although too few episodes. There was sadcom too - don't forget Don't Forget The Driver, Defending The Guilty. And with Stath Lets Flats and Flack, we were laughing all the way until we suddenly stopped.

Euan Ferguson, The Guardian, 30th December 2019

The 30 best TV shows of the decade

Fleabag is the highest comedy in fourth place, in a list which also includes Black Mirror (7th), The Trip (16th), Detectorists (21st), Catastrophe (24th) and Mum (29th).

Ed Cumming and Fiona Sturges, The Independent, 2nd December 2019

The 100 best TV shows of the 21st century

The Thick Of It is the highest rated British comedy in fourth place. Also listed: The Office (6), Fleabag (8), Peep Show (9), Nighty Night (16), Black Mirror (23), Spaced (29), Catastrophe (34), Brass Eye (37), Detectorists (38), Nathan Barley (47), Black Books (53), Inside No. 9 (66), Shameless (70), The Inbetweeners (74), Gavin and Stacey (81), Fresh Meat (86), Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (92), The Trip (95) and The Mighty Boosh (98).

The Guardian, 16th September 2019

Black Mirror's pig-gate PM still appears in easter eggs

Rory Kinnear's character from the first ever episode of Charlie Brooker's dystopian drama is still in Number 10 - despite being thrown out of a zoo.

Thomas Ling, Radio Times, 7th June 2019

Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones interview

Brooker and fellow Black Mirror producer Annabel Jones speak to Jack Shepherd about why the new Miley Cyrus episode is the most likely to come true, why they don't care what happens to their characters and what they'd do at the end of the world.

Jack Shepherd, The Independent, 4th June 2019

Charlie Brooker: 'Happy? I have my moments'

Brooker grew up in the village of Brightwell-cum-Sotwell in Oxfordshire. An early portent of what lay ahead was a comic he made himself, filled with violence, anger and jokes, and then sneaked into his primary school comic box.

Sam Wollaston, The Guardian, 1st June 2019

Black Mirror: All episodes ranked from worst to best

In the seven years since Black Mirror first aired, Charlie Brooker's dystopian vision has started to seem less and less implausible.

Alexandra Pollard, Jacob Stolworthy & Jack Shepherd, The Independent, 28th December 2018