Black And Blue

BBC One sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1973.

Series 1

1. Secrets

First broadcast: Tuesday 14th August 1973

A chocolate firm discovers that three of their staff have fallen in a vat and have ended up being put into their 'Secrets' assortment. To their horror, it turns out the British public have a taste for cannibalism.


2. The Middle-Of-The-Road Roadshow For All The Family

First broadcast: Tuesday 21st August 1973

A movie tycoon accidentally pays the wrong writer £500,000, and has to figure out how to get the money back.


3. High Kampf

First broadcast: Tuesday 28th August 1973

A gang of various family relatives gather like vultures around a dying member of their family, who just happens to be rather wealthy.


4. Rust

First broadcast: Tuesday 4th September 1973

A flu epidemic threatens to wipe out humanity. A British-made drug could be the solution, but it does have a side-effect: it renders people impotent.


5. Soap Opera In Stockwell

First broadcast: Tuesday 11th September 1973

A complex story which looks at a possible and accidental baby-snatching from a launderette.


6. Glorious Miles

First broadcast: Tuesday 18th September 1973

A millionaire hires a butler in order to impress his friends, but the butler in question believes he has been hired for a much deadlier and sinister purpose.