Bitz & Bob
Bitz & Bob

Bitz & Bob

  • TV sitcom
  • CBeebies
  • 2018
  • 44 episodes (2 series)

Comedy adventure series inspiring preschoolers to engage with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Stars Rob Delaney, Maria Darling, Duke Davis, Dolly Heavey and Marc Silk

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Series 1, Episode 6 - X Marks The Spot

Bitz, Purl and Bob are on a treasure hunt on Faraway Island with the help of an old map, and they find a huge chest full of yummy chocolate coins.

Further details

Bitz, Purl and Bob are on a treasure hunt on Faraway Island with the help of an old map, and they find a huge chest full of yummy chocolate coins. Unfortunately, Pirate Bevelbeard and his ship dudes Zip and Pop appear unexpectedly, grabbing the treasure and also Purl, and taking them back to their pirate ship. Bitz needs to work out how they can get aboard the ship and rescue Purl and the chocolate coins!

Broadcast details

Monday 19th March 2018
10 minutes


  1. Sunday 5th December 2021 at 1:35pm on CBeebies

Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Saturday 24th March 2018 9:45am CBeebies
Monday 16th April 2018 4:45pm CBeebies
Monday 14th May 2018 4:45pm CBeebies
Sunday 20th May 2018 9:30am CBeebies
Monday 16th July 2018 4:45pm CBeebies
Sunday 5th August 2018 9:25am CBeebies
Sunday 23rd September 2018 8:30am CBeebies
Friday 5th October 2018 4:45pm CBeebies
Thursday 8th November 2018 4:45pm CBeebies
Wednesday 2nd January 2019 1:00pm CBeebies
Monday 14th January 2019 4:45pm CBeebies
Sunday 20th January 2019 8:20am CBeebies
Sunday 27th January 2019 3:05pm CBeebies
Wednesday 13th March 2019 4:40pm CBeebies
Sunday 7th April 2019 8:25am CBeebies
Monday 8th April 2019 7:35am CBeebies
Friday 10th May 2019 3:55pm CBeebies
Wednesday 5th June 2019 7:35am CBeebies
Saturday 29th June 2019 3:00pm CBeebies
Tuesday 9th July 2019 3:55pm CBeebies
Friday 30th August 2019 7:35am CBeebies
Friday 27th September 2019 7:35am CBeebies
Sunday 24th November 2019 3:00pm CBeebies
Tuesday 26th November 2019 7:35am CBeebies
Monday 20th January 2020 7:35am CBeebies
Sunday 16th February 2020 8:25am CBeebies
Wednesday 18th March 2020 7:35am CBeebies
Friday 8th May 2020 4:35pm CBeebies
Tuesday 19th May 2020 7:55am CBeebies
Sunday 28th June 2020 3:05pm CBeebies
Tuesday 7th July 2020 4:35pm CBeebies
Thursday 16th July 2020 7:55am CBeebies
Tuesday 1st September 2020 4:35pm CBeebies
Wednesday 7th October 2020 7:55am CBeebies
Wednesday 4th November 2020 4:35pm CBeebies
Thursday 3rd December 2020 7:55am CBeebies
Monday 28th December 2020 7:55am CBeebies
Wednesday 10th March 2021 4:00pm CBeebies
Saturday 3rd April 2021 1:35pm CBeebies
Saturday 29th May 2021 1:35pm CBeebies
Sunday 8th August 2021 1:35pm CBeebies
Tuesday 31st August 2021 8:35am CBeebies
Monday 1st November 2021 3:15pm CBeebies
Sunday 28th November 2021 2:55pm CBeebies
Wednesday 1st December 2021 3:15pm CBeebies

Cast & crew

Rob Delaney Bevel (Voice)
Maria Darling Various (Voice)
Duke Davis Various (Voice)
Dolly Heavey Various (Voice)
Marc Silk Various (Voice)
Writing team
Sindy Boveda Spackman Writer
Alison Ray Writer
Nathan Cockerill Writer
Production team
Kitty Taylor Series Director
Olivier Zurcher Animation Director
Barry Quinn Series Producer
Vanessa Amberleigh Executive Producer
Bob Higgins Executive Producer
Erinn Campbell Line Producer
Chapman Maddox Associate Producer
Cate Elliott Animation Producer
Darren Millstone Editor
Sanj Sen Composer
Mick Cooke Composer

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