Bitz & Bob.

Bitz & Bob

CBeebies sitcom focused around STEAM learning. 44 episodes (1 series) in 2018. Stars Rob Delaney, Maria Darling, Duke Davis, Dolly Heavey and Marc Silk.

Another series is in development.
Episode 8 is repeated today at 4:45pm.

Series 1, Episode 30 - Snowy Sports Day

Everyone is excited about competing in Snowy Sports Day.

Further details

Everyone is excited about competing in Snowy Sports Day. Competing are Bitz, Queen of Speed, Bevel the Blaze, Pacey Purl, Robo-Blast Bob, Pop the Snow Pro and Zip the One-Throw Wonder. Pacey Purl really wants to win to finally get her name on the champion's cup. But to know who's won, they need to find a way of keeping track of the scores. They try counting on their fingers, but they're too wiggly. They could use snowballs, but they're too much fun to play with. Then Bitz has a brainwave! They can use Purl's coloured beads.

Broadcast details

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Friday 22nd June 2018
10 minutes


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