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Big Zuu's Big Eats

Big Zuu's Big Eats

  • TV factual
  • Dave
  • 2020 - 2021
  • 22 episodes (2 series)

Factual entertainment series in which grime artist Big Zuu cooks for touring comedians. Also features Hyder and Tubsey.

Episode menu

Series 1, Episode 9 - Ed Gamble

Big Zuu's Big Eats. Image shows from L to R: Big Zuu, Ed Gamble. Copyright: Boomerang
Big Zuu takes his food van to Manchester where Ed Gamble is performing. Ed's love of fried chicken and all things cheese related gives Zuu plenty to work with.

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Grime artist and chef Big Zuu is taking sidekicks Tubsey and Hyder to Manchester to cook for comedian Ed Gamble. After many months on his Blizzard tour, Ed is delighted at the opportunity to welcome Zuu to Manchester and enjoy a slap-up meal, specially created for him by Zuu and the boys.

Ed is a self-confessed cheese addict and a trip to a nearby cheese toastie restaurant gives Zuu the inspiration for this episode's meal.

Zuu creates the ultimate cheeseburger - layer upon layer of tender beef and melted cheese that Ed can barely get his mouth around. Combined with a side of Halloumi fries it's a cheese lover's dream. But Zuu's not happy with just providing cheese courses - and in tribute to Ed's love of fried chicken and Asian food, Zuu creates his own KFC - Korean Fried Chicken.

It's a monster of a menu - all cooked with Zuu's trademark style.

Ed Gamble interview

Big Zuu's Big Eats. Ed Gamble. Copyright: Boomerang

What do you like to do after a show?

Get out of the venue as quickly as possible, avoiding all eye contact with those I've just ashamed myself in front of, get in the car, go to the hotel bar and order a bottle of red wine with 2 glasses (one for me, the other for my imaginary companion), go to my room and drink the whole thing from the bottle.

Sweet or savoury?

Savoury. I've always been a starter & mains kind of guy. I think the range of flavours available in savoury far outweighs the simplistic nature of sweet. I'd take a bacon sandwich over a chocolate bar any day. Actually, I'd put the chocolate in the bacon sandwich. Scratch my answer, I choose both.

When you're on the road, what's your favourite rest stop for fast food?

Nando's every time. It's the best. Comedians love it because it's tasty, healthy enough that it doesn't make you feel like ass before you go onstage and it's consistent wherever you go. And it's everywhere. I worry if I arrive in a town without a Nando's that the audience aren't going to get my vibe.

Pineapple on pizza, yuck or yaaaasss?

Yuck. If you put pineapple on pizza you are a monster who hates Italians and tradition. That's right, you are as bad as a racist.

Are there any foods you wouldn't eat as a child but love now?

There were no foods I didn't like as a child, hence why I was a little fat boy. I once complained at a wedding aged seven that the children had different food. Long story short, I got the poached salmon that I wanted.

What's the bottom section of your personal food pyramid? Be honest.

Cheese, chicken, hot sauce, eggs, red wine and then cheese again in the other corner of the pyramid.

Have you ever dined and dashed?

Once when I was 15, myself and a lot of friends went to Pizza Express. One by one we all left until it was just one friend left who had to pay for the whole thing. I don't regret it. It was hilarious.

What's the first piece of music you bought?

It was a cassette tape single of Young Livers by Rocket From The Crypt, which is actually an extremely cool answer. Unfortunately, my first album was Take Two by Robson and Jerome.

Broadcast details

Friday 10th July 2020
40 minutes


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Date Time Channel
Saturday 11th July 2020 10:20pm Dave
Wednesday 15th July 2020 10:00pm Dave
Thursday 5th November 2020 6:00pm Dave
Sunday 29th November 2020 5:00pm Dave
Wednesday 4th August 2021 6:00pm Dave

Cast & crew

Big Zuu Host / Presenter
Hyder Host / Presenter
Tubsey Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Ed Gamble Guest
Production team
Chris Faith Series Director
Tom McKay Director
Alex Gilman Series Producer
Sam Grace Executive Producer
Natalie Rose Executive Producer
Paul King Edit Producer
Lucy Blatch Line Producer
Richard Trier Editor
Jason Boxall Editor
Andy Walker Director of Photography
Edward Thorpe Graphics


Making Ed Gamble's dream burger

Big Zuu has taken comedian, Ed Gamble to new culinary heights and made him a cheese and steak burger.

Featuring: Big Zuu & Ed Gamble.

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