Big Zuu's Big Eats. Image shows from L to R: Phil Wang, Ed Gamble, Jimmy Carr, Lou Sanders, Big Zuu. Copyright: Boomerang.

Big Zuu's Big Eats

Dave factual comedy about food. 12 episodes (1 series) in 2020. Features Big Zuu, Hyder and Tubsey.

Another series is in development.

Big Zuu's Big Eats. Image shows from L to R: Big Zuu, Desiree Burch. Copyright: Boomerang.

Series 1, Episode 5 - Desiree Burch

Big Zuu and the boys are back on the road and heading to Cardiff to cook for the American stand-up and actor, Desiree Burch.

Further details

Big Zuu and the boys are back on the road and heading way out West, to the city of Cardiff to cook for the American stand-up and actor, Desiree Burch. She's in the Welsh capital with her new show Desiree's Coming Early. Desiree is used to eating stale sandwiches in service stations after her shows, but Zuu is here to change all that.

Desiree loves seafood, Mexican flavours and she still hankers for American candy, so the boys take to Cardiff Market to see what treasures they can find. After discovering oysters make Desiree feel like, 'she's the Queen of the world', Zuu gets to grip with shucking and Tubsey gets into the Latino spirit by taking on the world's hottest chilli.

Combining Desiree's love of nachos and her penchant for goat, the boys create the G.O.A.T. Nachos, for some pulled meat madness. The fiesta doesn't stop there with Zuu keen to deliver the ultimate Mexican feast, whilst also giving Desiree a taste of home, what else but with his very own Cheeseburger Quesadillas?! There are a couple more surprises along the way too and a piƱata to finish.

So without further ado, let's get the party started! Arriba!

Desiree Burch interview

Big Zuu's Big Eats. Desiree Burch. Copyright: Boomerang.

As a touring comedian, you must spend a lot of time away from home, what are the challenges of life on the road?

The relentlessness of the schedule... being in cities vastly apart from one day to the next, and having to spend all your free time training and commuting there, while hopefully promoting your show online, just to show up, do the show, and then go to a hotel room alone. It's weird when an audience is 'the only person you've talked to all day' aside from maybe the technician or venue manager for your show.

What have you got on your rider?

Coconut water - I sweat a lot, it's important to stay hydrated/get potassium.

Apples - good bit of energy before a show when that lull happens when your body knows what it's about to do and definitely doesn't do it. Also, green apples in particular are good for vocal production. I bring manuka honey and vocal remedies with me - it's the first thing to go.

What meal reminds you of home?

Mexican food (from Southern California). Particularly tamales or enchiladas. I do make a pretty good guacamole as well.

What's your ultimate hangover meal?

My hangover cure is activated charcoal, or burnt toast with peanut butter or hummus spread on it to get the charcoal into me.

My hangover meal is probably as much breakfast food and coffee as I can stomach... bacon, potatoes, eggs, or pancakes or a combination of some of those things usually does it.

Are there any foods you wouldn't eat as a child but love now?

Fish. I was one of those kids who just didn't want fish. Then suddenly I got to college, and realised I didn't have money or the leisure of being picky about my food, and was like... what is this yummy sea meat of which you speak. I think my first recollection of switching over was having a big grilled salmon dinner and realizing that salmon was just the bacon of the sea. So fatty and delicious. Now I LOVE sushi, poke, crustaceans, all kinds of sea life, and look disdainfully or pitifully on those who 'don't eat fish', who are usually boys I imagine are quite selfish lovers. ;-p

What do you do to relax?

Nothing I can share here. A walk in nature is nice though.

What's the bottom section of your personal food pyramid? Be honest.

Obviously carbs. Depending on the day, also fats. So it's bread, potatoes, cereals, etc... sometimes rivaled by nuts. I like nuts. Have you gotten that picture of me already.

What's the first piece of music you bought?

I'm old enough that the first cassette I bought was Milli Vanilli's Blame It On The Rain. Dude... this should have prepared me for a lifetime of being hoodwinked and bamboozled by modern culture and politics.

What's next for you?

Desperately gathering work once coronavirus has been controlled.

Broadcast details

Friday 12th June 2020
40 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Big Zuu Host / Presenter
Hyder Host / Presenter
Tubsey Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Desiree Burch Guest
Production team
Chris Faith Series Director
Alex Gilman Series Producer
Sam Grace Executive Producer
Natalie Rose Executive Producer


Desiree Burch is blown away by Big Zuu's cooking

Big Zuu cooks up a feast for comedian Desiree Burch - cheese burger quesadillas and fried broccoli are on the menu and it's blowing Desiree's mind.

Featuring: Big Zuu, Desiree Burch.


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