Benidorm. Image shows from L to R: Joyce Temple Savage (Sherrie Hewson), Les / Lesley (Tim Healy). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.


ITV sitcom set in a Spanish holiday resort. 74 episodes (10 series), 2007 - 2018. Stars Sherrie Hewson, Jake Canuso, Tim Healy, Adam Gillen and others.

Series 8, Episode 2 is repeated on ITV4 on Monday at 9pm.

Benidorm - Series 6

Benidorm. Image shows from L to R: Joyce Temple Savage (Sherrie Hewson), Kenneth (Tony Maudsley), Liam (Adam Gillen), Les / Lesley (Tim Healy), Mateo (Jake Canuso), Michael Garvey (Oliver Stokes), Janice Garvey (Siobhan Finneran), Madge (Sheila Reid), Mick Garvey (Steve Pemberton), Tiger Dyke (Danny Walters), Tonya Dyke (Hannah Waddingham), Clive Dyke (Perry Benson), Bianca Dyke (Bel Powley), Jacqueline Stewart (Janine Duvitski), Donald Stewart (Kenny Ireland). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Series 6 is now on air on Thursday nights. Episode Guide

Returning to enjoy the four star hotel treatment are Mick and Janice Garvey (Steve Pemberton and Siobhan Finneran, pictured below right) plus Madge Harvey (Sheila Reid). Viewers will be surprised to see how grown up Michael Garvey (Oliver Stokes) has become - he's now an adventurous teenager who's set to cause his parents many troubled afternoons by the pool.

It's all change in series six with the arrival of the Dykes (pictured at the bottom), a brand new family set to stir things up at the Solana resort. They're a lively family from Watford, with Clive (Perry Benson) firmly under the thumb of his no nonsense wife Tonya (Hannah Waddingham). They bring their two children with them, Bianca (Bel Powley) and Tiger (Danny Walters) - both are young, single and looking for fun.

Benidorm. Image shows from L to R: Janice Garvey (Siobhan Finneran), Mick Garvey (Steve Pemberton). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.Almost immediately the Dykes come across the Garveys - will it be a meeting of minds or will the two families clash over the Solana pool?

Other favourites returning are popular swingers Donald Stewart (Kenny Ireland) and Jacqueline Stewart (Janine Duvitski) who intend to claim their free holiday that Joyce Temple Savage (Sherrie Hewson) promised them at the end of the last series. Hunky barman Mateo (Jake Canuso) still holds fort behind the pool bar with the help of friendly transsexual Les/Lesley (Tim Healey).

Liam (Adam Gillen) has now joined Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) at his hair salon 'Blow & Go' - the very discreet and selective hair and beauty emporium within the Solana resort.

Later in the series we will see the return of Martin Weedon (Nicholas Burns), who arrives on a loud and lairy stag do - he was last seen at the Solana resort in Series 3. He's very single on this occasion and finds himself having a 'drunken encounter' with one of the known female holidaymakers.

Benidorm is also known for its guest visitors, and Series 6 will be no exception with a wealth of talent visiting the Solana Resort. Matthew Kelly will return as Cyril Babcock, Ken Morley features as the Head of a local Hairdressing Mafia and Phillip Olivier will star as Jason - a sexy new barman. Later in the new series run, The Krankies and Rustie Lee (Queenie) will star as friends of swingers Donald and Jacqueline and legendary Hollywood star Joan Collins arrives as Crystal Hennesy-Vas the CEO of the Solana Hotel Group.

The show's creator Derren Litten has written all 7 episodes of the new series. He says: "I'm so excited about Series 6 of Benidorm, probably more excited than all previous series. Apart from Dynasty Series 5 of course, what could possibly top the Moldavian Massacre?".

ITV's Myfanwy Moore says: "We are all thrilled at ITV to be sharing the sun beds again with our most popular and enduring comedy characters. This series promises to be the sunniest and strongest ever!"

Series 6 guide

Benidorm. Image shows from L to R: Tiger Dyke (Danny Walters), Bianca Dyke (Bel Powley), Tonya Dyke (Hannah Waddingham), Clive Dyke (Perry Benson). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Published: Sunday 24th November 2013

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