Barbara. Image shows from L to R: Barbara Liversidge (Gwen Taylor), Ted Liversidge (Sam Kelly).


ITV sitcom about a no-nonsense housewife. 29 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 1995 - 2003. Stars Gwen Taylor, Sam Kelly, Madge Hindle, Mark Benton and others.

Series 1

1. Birthday

First broadcast: Sunday 27th June 1999

Jean's birthday is coming up and Barbara's baked a cake. Ted's convinced he caused the death of a friend by borrowing his strimmer, and Linda is ill in bed. Meanwhile, Martin's hoping for a job at Sky News.


2. Rivals

First broadcast: Sunday 4th July 1999

Ted's car is highjacked by Mr Spock, leaving him - as a taxi driver - somewhat disadvantaged. At the surgery, Barbara and Doreen are aching for the attentions of new arrival Doctor Brown, and at the TV station new weather girl Karen has her eyes very much set on Martin...


3. Amour

First broadcast: Sunday 11th July 1999

Ted befriends a group of youths who he goes out drinking and socialising with; Barbara is left to ensue war with builders across the road, whilst Jean's relationship looks like it could be over.


4. Friends

First broadcast: Sunday 18th July 1999

Following Barbara's latest insults to Martin, Linda isn't speaking to her. Meanwhile, Ted's been left with a fish in the back of his cab...


5. Coffee

First broadcast: Sunday 25th July 1999

A new patient at the surgery takes a shine to Barbara, and expects a little more than friendship. Ted's troubles extend to the loss of his favourite grey coat; and Martin's put his job on the line...


6. Scattering

First broadcast: Sunday 1st August 1999

Barbara drags the whole family across the county in order to scatter her recently deceased mother, Gladys's, ashes. Half-way up a mountain turns out, surprisingly, not to be the best place to go into labour...


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