Ben Fromet.

Average Joe

TV sitcom project which was not made. Stars Ben Fromet.

Average Joe

Mockumentary sitcom for London Live about a man living in the capital

London Live
6   (1 series)
Ben Fromet
Ben Fromet and James Delow
Ben Fromet and James Delow

London Live's first original scripted comedy series.

Average Joe is a mockumentary sitcom based on an everyday average Joe living in London, filming his own life for the channel.

Joe Ellis is a loveable idiot who experiences the highs, lows and hang-ups of the life in the city. He is a go-getter without much luck; he tries to grab life by the horns but always gets kicked in the face.

When life throws shit at him, he puts on his goggles and keeps on walking. He's a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none and spends his time toiling away in whatever venture he thinks will bring home some bacon.

He is funny and warm but deluded and socially unaware. He has blind, unshakable faith in his own opinions, which is usually his downfall.

As we learn during his personal musings to camera, the way he sees himself and reads situations differs enormously to how things play out in the real world.

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