Anna & Katy. Image shows from L to R: Anna Crilly, Katy Wix. Copyright: Roughcut Television
Anna & Katy

Anna & Katy

  • TV sketch show
  • Channel 4 / E4
  • 2011 - 2013
  • 7 episodes (1 series)

Sketch show starring Anna Crilly and Katy Wix, mainly focusing on pastiches of existing TV formats. Also features William Andrews, Fergus Craig, Jonny Sweet, Sophie Black, Tom Bell and more.

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Series 1, Episode 2

This week, Martin Kemp joins Anna and Katy in German lottery draw Zaturday Luckballs; there's rice art to be judged in Rice Britannia; and we're introduced to flaky stage and screen star Bridget Eccles, giving a unique appearance on Ruby Wax's chat show...

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Anna & Katy. Image shows from L to R: Katy Wix, Martin Kemp, Anna Crilly. Copyright: Roughcut Television

This episode sees a special guest appearance from actor and singer Martin Kemp as he joins Anna and Katy on German lottery show Zaturday Luckballs. Martin's on the show to plug his new album as well as help the hosts draw the lucky lottery balls... although Martin's in for a bit of a surprise when he realises just how many lottery balls are drawn in the Zaturday Luckballs draw.

We then head back to the Ignition HQ where new intern Andy learns that there's no 'I' in team and we take a look at some of The World's Most Annoying Colours which this week features z-listers giving their opinions on the colours yellow and taupe.

In Rice Britannia, contestants are getting ever closer to reaching their dream prize and they've been challenged to push the boundaries of creativity by making art out of rice. Anna and Katy face the tough decision of critiquing each bowl. Also this week we get to meet coppers Lucy and Sonya who demonstrate just how powerful the long arm of the law can be - literally.

Finally, we're introduced to star of stage and screen Bridget Eccles who more often than not relies on the help of her stage assistant to help remember her lines. Bridget appears somewhat intoxicated when invited onto Ruby Wax's chat show Wax Chats to promote her new film Memory Lane.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 13th March 2013
Channel 4
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Saturday 6th September 2014 2:20am C4

Cast & crew

Anna Crilly Various
Katy Wix Various
William Andrews Ensemble Actor
Fergus Craig Ensemble Actor
Jonny Sweet Ensemble Actor
Sophie Black Ensemble Actor
Tom Bell Ensemble Actor
Alex Lowe Ensemble Actor
Sarah Daykin Ensemble Actor
Guest cast
Martin Kemp Self
Carrie Grant Self
David Grant Self
Ruby Wax Self
Tom Golding Ensemble Actor
Peter McCarthy Ensemble Actor
Writing team
Anna Crilly Writer
Katy Wix Writer
Paul Doolan Writer
Joe Wilkinson Writer
Jamie Demetriou Writer
Laurence Rickard Writer
Laurence Rickard Script Editor
Fergus Craig Writer
Production team
Ed Bye Director
Jon Petrie Producer
Ash Atalla Executive Producer
Adam Windmill Editor
Mark Tanner Production Designer
Jacqueline White (as Miss Jacqueline White) Costume Designer
Oli Russell (as Oliver Russell) Director of Photography
Lulu Hall Make-up Designer
Robert Wix Composer

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