The Angelos Epithemiou Show. Image shows from L to R: Gupta (Adeel Akhtar), Angelos Epithemiou (Dan Skinner). Copyright: Pett Productions
The Angelos Epithemiou Show

The Angelos Epithemiou Show

  • TV variety
  • Channel 4
  • 2011 - 2012
  • 7 episodes (1 series)

A studio based comedy entertainment show written by and starring Dan Skinner as his comic character Angelos Epithemiou. Stars Dan Skinner and Adeel Akhtar.

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Angelos Epithemiou Show review - Episode 1.6

If you've read any of my reviews about the previous episodes of this show, you'll have gauged that - bar a few imperfections - I love it and actually find very few things to criticise. This week, however, I found quite a few.

UK TV Reviewer, 19th August 2012

I've steered clear of The Angelos Epithemiou Show because it looked bullying in the pre-publicity, one of those performances in which a comic apes a slow-witted character and in doing so licenses cruelty to those who actually are. It's not quite that (though it definitely hovers dangerously close at times). But it isn't easy to pigeonhole what it is instead. The format is cod interview show, but on the evidence of Friday's show at least Renton Skinner isn't quite nimble enough to take advantage of the liberties his mouth-breathing alter ego gives him. Tellingly, Theo Paphitis got in the sharpest line in his appearance, with Skinner reduced to rather feeble ad libs ("I bought a new bow the other day," said Paphitis when he was asked how he spent his money. "All right, Robin Hood," replied Angelos).

It also owes a considerable debt to Reeves and Mortimer-style mucking about (Skinner served an apprentice as guest clown on Shooting Stars) and these elements are more successful, even if they wildly overestimate the comic payload of stage explosives. Keying up the second half, Epithemiou announced that "for all you metrosexuals out there I will be showing you how to exfoliate", a promise illustrated with footage of him appearing, fully dressed, from between the rollers of a functioning carwash. That made me laugh and Adeel Akhtar is very funny too as Angelos's sidekick Gupta. If there was more of him, I might watch it again.

Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent, 13th August 2012

Angelos Epithemiou Show review - Episode 1.5

The only real criticism I unfortunately have with The Angelos Epithemiou Show - and it pains me to say it - is the host's sidekick, Gupta. I genuinely believe that the show could work just as well without him.

UK TV Reviewer, 10th August 2012

Daniel Renton Skinner's comedy alter ego makes for an excellent supporting character but still comes across as a little lacking when hosting his own show. Epithemiou/Skinner is great when dealing directly his guests - this week Sir Ranulph Fiennes - where he gets to use his character tics to full effect. The linking comedy skits are pretty painful, though, with plenty of cuts to the audience rolling around laughing as if to convince us that, yes, lots of people do find these lazy non sequiturs hilarious.

Phelim O'Neill, The Guardian, 2nd August 2012

This week's guest on Angelos Epithemiou's entertainment extravaganza is former footballer Paul Gascoigne. Angelos, played by comic actor Dan Renton Skinner, plies Gazza for his views on the current England football team, and the veteran player happily divulges. Angelos's sidekick Gupta (played by Adeel Akhtar) receives a very special present and also pays another swift visit to Gabby Logan, the girl of his dreams.

The Telegraph, 26th July 2012

Angelos Epithemiou interview

Angelos Epithemiou on his 'explosive' new show, booking celebrities, and the best way to keep rats away from burgers.

The Big Issue, 25th July 2012

Renton Skinner's grubby-looking alter ego is unlikely to trouble Partridge or Norton for the comedy talk-show crown, but his strange on-stage universe is convincingly complete: everywhere you look there's faded glory and drooping props. The guests who run the gauntlet of animal-lifting and quick-fire questions tonight are TOWIE's Amy Childs and tattooed rapper Professor Green, with Gabby Logan and Ulrika Jonsson for brief moments of glamour.

Emma Sturgess, Radio Times, 20th July 2012

You'd expect this show to be shambolic - that's partly the point. But this is a real dog's breakfast. The skits are too many and the laughs too few, while Angelos lacks either the venom to demolish a guest or the variety of approach to deconstruct one. Tonight's star, Amy Childs, makes for a self-evidently soft target and she's a good sport, but the 'vajazzle' phenomenon is venerable enough to be beyond satire. Best mate Gupta outstays his welcome and the Gabby Logan skits are already looking tired (although a cameo from old flame Ulrika is a nice touch), while Professor Green's contribution is minimal. Dan Skinner is a great comic performer, but this doesn't feel like the best vehicle for his talents: more than ever, Angelos seems more like a brilliant comic foil than convincing leading man.

Gabriel Tate, Time Out, 20th July 2012

TV review: The Angelos Epithemiou Show

Part Stavros, part Mrs Merton: Angelos is almost great, he just needs to breathe.

Sam Wollaston, The Guardian, 20th July 2012

Fleshing out Renton Skinner's bizarre plastic-bag wielding comedy creation Angelos Epithemiou for a half-hour chat-show format was always going to be a challenge, and tonight it leads to some uneven results. The Only Way Is Essex's Amy Childs squirms on the sofa while being interviewed by the offbeat host, while rapper Professor Green is - for reasons unknown - asked to lift a giant tortoise above his head before being allowed to perform his latest hit. Among the chaos there's a welcome visit from Skinner's erstwhile Shooting Stars colleague Ulrika Jonsson.

Andrew Marszal, The Telegraph, 19th July 2012

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