All Round To Mrs. Brown's. Image shows from L to R: Mrs Brown (Brendan O'Carroll), Cathy Brown (Jennifer Gibney).

All Round To Mrs. Brown's

BBC One variety / sitcom / chat show entertainment show hosted by the character Mrs Brown. 24 episodes (4 series), 2017 - 2020. Stars Brendan O'Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Paddy Houlihan, Danny O'Carroll and others.

Video Clips

Pamela Anderson in Mrs Brown's kitchen

Mrs Brown invites Pamela Anderson into her kitchen for a cup of tea.

From Series 1, Episode 1. Featuring: Brendan O'Carroll (Mrs Brown), Amanda Woods (Betty Brown), Pamela Anderson, Rory Cowan (Rory Brown).

Launch trailer

Mammy makes mischief with celebrity guests, surprise audience shenanigans and outrageous stunts, all in front of a live studio audience...what could possibly go wrong?

From Series 1. Featuring: Brendan O'Carroll (Mrs Brown).