All Along The Watchtower. Image shows from L to R: Airman Tench (Felix Bell), Flight Lieutenant Simon Harrison (Chris Lang), Wing-Commander Hilary Campbell-Stokes (Roger Blake). Copyright: BBC.

All Along The Watchtower

BBC One sitcom about an RAF base. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1999. Stars Felix Bell, Chris Lang, Roger Blake, Zoƫ Eeles and others.

Series 1

1. Back To The Front

First broadcast: Sunday 28th February 1999

Simon Harrison arrives at the base and is shocked to find that despite only having 2 members of staff of an intended 300, they still have nothing to do! He feels he has no option other than to recommend the site's closure - until the local village's schoolteacher catches his eye.


2. Wet Wet Wet

First broadcast: Sunday 7th March 1999

When the Met Office decide to collect forecast data from the base, Simon hatches a plan to falsify the figures in order to win a large bet. Meanwhile, Campbell-Stokes isn't too pleased to notice that the villagers are divulging "confidential military information".


3. Keeping The Peace

First broadcast: Sunday 14th March 1999

Whilst the base takes delivery of a new early warning system - acquired from North Korea via 'contacts' rather than the normal routes - Ian has guests staying in the hotel, and is shocked to find that he's listed in a guide book for the location's tranquility.


4. One Flew Into The Cuckoo's Nest

First broadcast: Sunday 21st March 1999

When an Osprey is spotted nesting near the base, Ian sees an excellent business opportunity. That is, if the Wing-Commander doesn't have it shot first!


5. Wish You Weren't Here

First broadcast: Sunday 28th March 1999

Wing-Commander Campbell-Stokes is quite put-out to learn that the RAF is making him take a 2-week holiday. Luckily, there's a little air force base in the north of Scotland that he quite fancies staying in...


6. The Fall Out Zone

First broadcast: Sunday 4th April 1999

Simon invites Eilidh to the base for a romantic dinner, but an act of 'quick thinking' by Airman Tench upon Campbell-Stokes's unexpected arrival results in the four of them being locked in the base's nuclear bunker - for three months.