All About The McKenzies.

All About The McKenzies (2016)

ITV2 sitcom based on the web series. 1 pilot in 2016. Stars Samuell Benta, Leanne Dunstan, Frankie Clarence, Chyna-Skye Campbell and others.

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All About The McKenzies Pilot 2016 - TV Review

Whilst at times mildly amusing, overall I found it to be highly juvenile as if aimed at children or very young teenagers. This is not what you would expect from a prime time show broadcast at 8.30pm.

Tiemo Talk of the Town, 21st November 2016

All About The McKenzies comes to ITV2 with a track record, having already been a pretty successful internet series. Samuell Benta - who did just about everything here, acting, writing, directing - plays his namesake Samuell McKenzie who has ambitions of Hollywood superstardom via rapping, acting and modelling But he's working in a restaurant after a relationship breakdown, and stuck in his overcrowded parents' home, with relatives everywhere, talking fast and over each other.

The sophistication level is set early doors with a fart gag, and the second half starts with an extended diarrhoea scene. While it has a nice energy, from the hip-hop credits to animated inserts, it's all rather over-acted, signposting ordinary lines ought to be funny. Add in very broadly-drawn characters, plots that make little sense and cheesy plinky-plonky background music, and the overall tone makes All About The McKenzies seem more like a CBBC comedy based around the sassy young character of Angel than a mainstream offering. And not a very good CBBC comedy at that.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 1st November 2016

ITV2 orders new comedies featuring diverse talent

ITV2 has ordered four new comedy pilots featuring black, Asian, and minority ethnic talent: Sorry, I Didn't Know; All About The McKenzies; Dropperz; What's The Facts.

British Comedy Guide, 13th October 2016