All About The McKenzies.

All About The McKenzies (2014)

London Live sitcom based on the web series. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2014. Stars Samuell Benta, Ria Horsford, Frankie Clarence, Destinee Tombling and others.

Series 1

1. It's Hard To Say I Love You

First broadcast: Tuesday 1st April 2014

Samuell accepts that his ex-girlfriend has moved on, and goes speed-dating with the 'assistance' of best friend, Ian.


2. Winston Smith

First broadcast: Wednesday 9th April 2014

Grandad attempts a dance but has a fall for the worst and hurts his back. Delia meets her arch-enemy Patricia and shares her ambitions with the family.


3. Everyting Kris

First broadcast: Wednesday 16th April 2014

Grandad convinces Samuell to see Dr Shabba, a relationship counsellor, to try and resolve his relationship with Annika.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Friday 25th April 2014

The performing arts clubs gets axed from school so Andre goes head-to-head with the head teacher to make a change. Meanwhile, Charlene is off sick nurturing her talents.


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Friday 2nd May 2014

A frustrated Samuell complains about the acting industry whilst on duty at work, not knowing that a Hollywood A-Lister is about to walk through the door with her entourage. Excited as he is, he sees a networking opportunity, however getting access to her is not easy.


6. Who Are Our Teachers Really?

First broadcast: Friday 9th May 2014

After discovering Charlene's boyfriend, a concerned Samuell heads to the Fowler Estate with Ian to go and find him. Meanwhile, Granddad has something to say to the youth of today.