Alan Carr.

Alan Carr Sitcom Project   (Working title)

New TV sitcom in development.

Alan Carr Sitcom Project

A semi-autobiographical sitcom about Alan Carr's life growing up in Northampton in the 1980s

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Alan Carr

A sitcom based on Alan Carr's life growing up as the son of a football manager in Northampton in the 1980s.

The following dialogue comes from the script:

I swear there was a mix up at the hospital. I do! Somewhere in Northampton, there's a hairdresser looking out his patio windows wondering why his son is more interested in playing keep it uppy, than learning how to give a cut and colour. It's what you could call a genetic own goal, no pun intended, my Dad's the local football manager you see. I mean I'm hardly footballer material, have you seen me? Classic pear with a sweet tooth, most boys go up a collar size over the summer holidays but I go up a cup size an all.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a flump, it's one of the few pleasures in my life. Well, that and bobbing down WH Smith to get my hands on a brand new Agatha Christie. Betty in Smiths says 'you like a mystery don't you?' I thought 'How you've maintained this job with such bad body odour is the biggest mystery but I bit my tongue and just said 'Give me a quarter of cola cubes my love, and then I'll get out of your hair'.

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