Agony Again. Image shows from L to R: Catherine (Valerie Edmond), Debra (Doon Mackichan), Daniel (David Harewood), Jane (Maureen Lipman), Bea (Maria Charles), Richard (Niall Buggy), Michael (Sacha Grunpeter). Copyright: Humphrey Barclay Productions.

Agony Again

BBC One sitcom about an agony aunt. 7 episodes (1 series) in 1995. Stars Maureen Lipman, Maria Charles, Niall Buggy, David Harewood and others.


Agony Again rewrites the Agony timeline somewhat. In the original series, Michael was born in January 1981. Now, in 1995, he is already 18 years old.

The melody from the original Agony series theme tune, as composed by Graham Field, is used as a brief sting on a number of occasions during the series.

A second series was announced at the conclusion of Episode 7, but never came to fruition.