Agony Again. Image shows from L to R: Catherine (Valerie Edmond), Debra (Doon Mackichan), Daniel (David Harewood), Jane (Maureen Lipman), Bea (Maria Charles), Richard (Niall Buggy), Michael (Sacha Grunpeter). Copyright: Humphrey Barclay Productions.

Agony Again

BBC One sitcom about an agony aunt. 7 episodes (1 series) in 1995. Stars Maureen Lipman, Maria Charles, Niall Buggy, David Harewood and others.

Series 1

1. Heartbreak Hotel

First broadcast: Thursday 31st August 1995

Jane adds to the domestic chaos in her life by taking in a down-and-out.


2. Love Will Find A Way

First broadcast: Thursday 7th September 1995

Jane's 18-year-old son Michael comes home from a holiday with some big news to tell her, if only he can pin her down for two minutes.


3. Dazed And Confused

First broadcast: Thursday 14th September 1995

The producer of Jane's TV show tries to persuade her to feature a dubious hypnotist on air.


4. Soap Dish

First broadcast: Thursday 21st September 1995

Jane's affair with Daniel sparks off some racial prejudice. Then her ex-husband Laurence drops by.


5. Hound Dog

First broadcast: Thursday 28th September 1995

In spite of her increasing involvement with Daniel, Jane is still finding it hard to keep her ex-husband Laurence out of her mind - and her house.


6. Breaking Point

First broadcast: Thursday 5th October 1995

Debra brings Jane to the point of collapse by inviting her dreaded rival to co-host Lucas Live.


7. Showtime

First broadcast: Thursday 12th October 1995

Jane throws herself into planning the 200th edition of Lucas Live.