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The Adventures of Daniel review

A confident performance by Daniel Sloss in an otherwise less-than-great pilot that becomes lost in trying to decide what it is.

Steven Cookson, Suite 101, 24th August 2010

No amount of digital remastering would have improved the pilot episode of The Adventures of Daniel, just some top-to-bottom rewriting. Not unlike the BBC's other new sitcom, Grandma's House, The Adventures of Daniel revolves in sub-Seinfeld fashion around a comedian playing himself, in this case the teenage Scottish stand-up Daniel Sloss. He seems like an engaging and talented lad, but he was ill-served by some gruesomely unfunny material, all constructed around the notion that his (Scottish) girlfriend's (English) dad didn't care for him, but thought that his (Scottish) girlfriend's (English) sister's (Scottish) boyfriend was the bee's knees. As the (Scottish) girlfriend's (English) mother, looking faintly as though she had wandered into the wrong rehearsal room, was Imogen Stubbs.

Some of the previews of this pilot were decidedly enthusiastic. One of them even featured the emotive word "funny". So maybe I was alone in finding it, on the whole, as funny as gastroenteritis. Coincidentally, trawling through the channels not long after watching it, I happened on a superannuated Scottish stand-up, Billy Connolly, on one of his world tours, and was reminded what "funny" really is. But then not everyone is tickled by Connolly, either. What "funny" is more than anything is subjective, so let me just say that The Adventures of Daniel might be your thing, but on this early evidence it certainly isn't mine.

Brian Viner, The Independent, 24th August 2010

The Adventures of Daniel: Stand Out Stand Up

Surely, a programme about a nineteen year-old stand up comedian and his life will have nothing of interest for me? Surely it will be all sex and Playstation? Well, yes, but after half an hour of laughing out loud, I decided that maybe that's no bad thing.

Nicola Young, On The Box, 23rd August 2010

Nineteen-year-old Daniel Sloss from Kirkcaldy - a comedy circuit 'veteran' of three years - makes his annoyingly young debut as a sitcom star this week. The Adventures Of Daniel takes elements from Sloss's real life and fictionalises them, but less self-consciously than Simon Amstell's awkward Grandma's House. It feels like the pilot has been thrown together, which is not necessarily a bad thing but the supporting characters - mum (Imogen Stubbs), friends, girlfriend and her family - are all lightly sketched, more ideas than fully formed characters.

He's an engaging screen presence though and while there are a few too many teenage clich├ęs, it's already better than many of BBC 3's attempts to be down with the youf.

Andrea Mullaney, The Scotsman, 23rd August 2010

I thought TV show offer was a wind-up, admits Sloss

Daniel Sloss looks and sounds like a typical teenager. At 19, he still lives with his mum and dad and is obsessed with all the important stuff in life such as his Xbox and facial fluff.

What's a little bit different is he is also the star of his own TV show, The Adventures Of Daniel - on BBC Three tonight.

Steve Hendry, Daily Record, 23rd August 2010

Teen stand-up Daniel Sloss gets his own Fisher-Price Seinfeld. Although it looks and smells just right, giving a 19-year-old - however beguiling - a sitcom about being 19 can only really appeal to children. (Bearing in mind that 19-year-olds have little interest in watching things about other 19-year-olds; did you read Just 17 magazine when you were 17? Or when you were 12?) In this episode, Danny tries to get his girlfriend's dad to like him. It's like a CBBC show which includes copious references to rubber johnnies and "doing it". So, confusing on the whole.

The Guardian, 23rd August 2010

Meet Daniel Sloss: star of The Adventures of Daniel

As part of the series of comedy pilots that we're premiering online, we've got a great new comedian to introduce you to.

Dana Stevens, BBC Comedy, 17th August 2010

Comedy pilot premiere: The Adventures of Daniel

We present you with a fine young comedian, 19-year-old rising Scottish star Daniel Sloss from Kirkcaldy in Fife.

Dana Stevens, BBC Comedy, 17th August 2010

Kirkcaldy teen comic Daniel's TV show

Kirkcaldy's very own teenage comedy star Daniel Sloss' new sitcom pilot is set to go live on BBC Three online on Monday.

Kate Shannon, Fife Today, 12th August 2010