Absolutely Fabulous. Image shows from L to R: Bubble (Jane Horrocks), Saffron (Julia Sawalha), Edina (Jennifer Saunders), Mother (June Whitfield), Patsy (Joanna Lumley). Copyright: Saunders And French Productions / BBC
Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One / BBC Two
  • 1992 - 2012
  • 39 episodes (5 series)

Public relations maven Edina and best friend Patsy drive sensible daughter Saffron up the wall with their self-absorbed, substance-abusing escapades. Stars Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield and Jane Horrocks

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Series 3, Episode 3 - Sex

Edina is encouraged by Patsy to plan an orgy, as she has not had sex for a long time. The pair hire two gigolos and prepare for their night of debauchery; which collides disastrously with Saffron's biology presentation for university.

Further details

Eddy has become frustrated with the size of her bedroom and wants it expanded. The best option is to knock down the wall to Serge's room. Eddy and Patsy begin a clear up operation on his old room. While rummaging through his stuff they find an adult magazine.

Eddy and Patsy are reminded of the days when they used to hold orgies. Eddy realises that it's been a very long time since she had sex. Despite Saffy's understandable objections, Patsy talks Eddy into hiring two male prostitutes. Of course, things don't go with quite the bang that was hoped...

Broadcast details

Thursday 20th April 1995
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 23rd September 2011 11:30pm Gold
Saturday 24th September 2011 2:05am Gold
Wednesday 7th December 2011 12:20am Gold
Wednesday 7th December 2011 2:10am Gold
Thursday 29th December 2011 11:20pm Gold
Friday 30th December 2011 1:40am Gold
Sunday 20th January 2013 9:00pm Gold
Thursday 21st March 2013 10:20pm Gold
Friday 22nd March 2013 1:35am Gold
Thursday 27th June 2013 11:00pm Gold
Friday 28th June 2013 2:00am Gold
Saturday 7th September 2013 11:40pm Gold
Tuesday 22nd October 2013 11:00pm Gold
Wednesday 23rd October 2013 1:25am Gold
Tuesday 15th July 2014 9:45pm Gold
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Monday 13th February 2017 9:40pm Gold
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Friday 17th November 2017 10:20pm W
Wednesday 21st March 2018 10:55pm Gold
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Thursday 25th March 2021 9:40pm Gold
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Saturday 24th April 2021 12:55am Gold
Sunday 4th July 2021 1:20am Gold
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Sunday 2nd January 2022 10:40pm Gold

Cast & crew

Jennifer Saunders Edina
Joanna Lumley Patsy
Julia Sawalha Saffron
June Whitfield Mother
Jane Horrocks Bubble
Guest cast
Naoko Mori Sarah
James Dreyfus Christopher (Colourist / Pimp)
Ian Gelder David (Gay Gigolo)
Idris Elba Hilton (First Time Gigolo)
Andrew Loudon Geoff
Caroline Waldron Caroline
Lee Walters Boy 1
Ben Soames Boy 2
Damian Hunt Serge
Stewart Piper Serge
Corran Royal Serge
Writing team
Jennifer Saunders Writer
Ruby Wax Script Editor
Production team
Bob Spiers Director
Jon Plowman Producer
Chris Wadsworth Editor
Harry Banks Production Designer
Simon Brint Composer

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