A Touch Of The Casanovas. Fransisco (Frankie Howerd). Copyright: Thames Television.

A Touch Of The Casanovas

ITV sitcom about a servant and master. 1 pilot in 1975. Stars Frankie Howerd, Stuart Damon, Marguerite Hardiman, Leon Greene and others.

A Touch Of The Casanovas

A Touch Of The Casanovas

Following the resounding success of Up Pompeii!, Frankie Howerd delved into the pages of history once more to play the hapless valet of Venice's most infamous son in this 37 minute pilot. Double entendre and wicked punning run riot in this 1975 production, co-written by noted screenwriter Sid Colin, whose credits include Up Pompeii! itself and The Army Game.

A coach lumbers along the road from Venice to Padua. Inside is Giacomo Casanova, on the run from the Doge of Venice and intent on carrying out his latest female conquest. Up on the box is Francisco, his body servant ("No, no, wait a minute! It doesn't mean what you think it does!"); he's merely intent on staying out of the clutches of the Doge's guardsmen. When Casanova proposes they swap identities, Francisco finds that life isn't all roses for the legendary lover...

First released: Monday 9th July 2012

  • Distributor: Network
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 1
  • Catalogue: 7953741

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