2point4 Children. Image shows from L to R: Bill (Belinda Lang), David (John Pickard), Ben (Gary Olsen), Jenny (Clare Buckfield). Copyright: BBC.

2point4 Children

BBC One sitcom about a family. 56 episodes (8 series), 1991 - 1999. Stars Belinda Lang, Gary Olsen, Julia Hills, Clare Woodgate and others.

2 Point 4 Children - The Complete Series Two

2 Point 4 Children - The Complete Series Two

The series begins with Bill (Belinda Lang) unemployed after losing her job at the bakery. She finds the routine, demands and trivial trauma of domestic life humdrum and confining, and the mysterious biker is also very much on her mind. Husband Ben, despite having a new plumber's mate, ails somewhat and petty arguments develop over, amongst other things, his driving and the neighbour's annoying and flatulent dog.

A new job and an unexpected pregnancy in the household do little to appease her state of mind. Her problems are compounded when Ben's estranged father returns on a flying visit with a young Thai bride.

For friend Rona (Julia Hills) on the other hand, life seems to have taken something of a turn for the better. Re-united with an old flame her relationship blossoms and it is not long before the sound of wedding bells can be heard.

Contains all 7 episodes from 2point4 Children's second series.

First released: Monday 25th April 2005

This particular product has been discontinued. However, you may still be able to find second-hand copies.

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