2point4 Children. Image shows from L to R: Bill (Belinda Lang), David (John Pickard), Ben (Gary Olsen), Jenny (Clare Buckfield). Copyright: BBC.

2point4 Children

BBC One sitcom about a family. 56 episodes (8 series), 1991 - 1999. Stars Belinda Lang, Gary Olsen, Julia Hills, Clare Woodgate and others.

Series 3, Christmas Special is repeated on Gold tomorrow at 12:40pm.

Series 7

1. Perfect Day

First broadcast: Thursday 26th February 1998

It's a perfect day in the Porter house. Jenny and David are at each others' necks, Rona's got the shopping wildly wrong, and Ben's finally sold the impractical 1950s Chevvy. And quite soon, nobody's speaking to anyone else.


2. When Saturday Comes

First broadcast: Thursday 5th March 1998

When Tottenham Hotspur achieve an unexpected and much needed win, the Porter family, one of Ben's clients, Rona and Jenny's ex boyfriend Clive are dropped into a series of repeated Saturday rituals for the sake of luck.


3. Malcolm X

First broadcast: Thursday 12th March 1998

Bill's surprised to be contacted by Malcolm, the man she was almost engaged to before meeting Ben, and now a successful businessman in the US. After a terrible week at home, she agrees to join him for a weekend in Scotland.


4. The Sweet Hereafter

First broadcast: Thursday 19th March 1998

Collared in the shopping centre by a market researcher, Ben returns home with a plethora of opinion forms and large box of new products to test, including a new chocolate bar called Drool.


5. When Did You Last See Your Father?

First broadcast: Thursday 26th March 1998

With Jenny off at university, Bette comes to stay for a few days - and on the 10th anniversary of her husband's death, admits that the late James Arthur Gates is, in fact, frozen in a warehouse in Bermondsey.


6. The Italian Job

First broadcast: Thursday 2nd April 1998

An exchange student from Italy causes ructions in the Porter household. Bill's just about at the end of her teather, but there could be more at stake than she realises.


7. The Heart Has Its Reasons

First broadcast: Thursday 9th April 1998

Having dropped off Jenny at university in the East End, Bill and Ben find the van being looted by a group of pre-teen tearaways. They manage to catch one of the group, Declan, but are more moved than angry when he explains he has no parents.