2point4 Children. Image shows from L to R: Bill (Belinda Lang), David (John Pickard), Ben (Gary Olsen), Jenny (Clare Buckfield). Copyright: BBC.

2point4 Children

BBC One sitcom about a family. 56 episodes (8 series), 1991 - 1999. Stars Belinda Lang, Gary Olsen, Julia Hills, Clare Woodgate and others.

Series 7, Episode 3 is repeated on Gold today at 12pm.

Series 2

1. I'm Going Slightly Mad

First broadcast: Tuesday 8th September 1992

It's been 14 weeks since Bill left the bakery, and she's starting to feel the pressure of being unemployed. Strange dreams haunt her sleep, and she doesn't know what to do. Ben, meanwhile, has a new assistant, Chris.


2. Bedtime For Bonzo

First broadcast: Tuesday 15th September 1992

Having finally found work with a little help from Rona, Bill's been stuck on the night shift preparing airline meals. If that wasn't bad enough, the Porters have agreed to look after their neighbour's chronically flatulent dog.


3. Hormones

First broadcast: Tuesday 22nd September 1992

Bill fears she may be pregnant, and takes out the stress on Ben, whose testosterone is boiling over. Jenny, meanwhile, is acting oddly but only Rona appears to notice the signs.


4. One Night In Bangkok

First broadcast: Tuesday 29th September 1992

Ben's father drops into town, with his young Thai wife. However, neither Ben nor Tina were aware of her existence, and the news isn't helped to go down by Frank's attitude.


5. The Skeleton In The Cupboard

First broadcast: Tuesday 6th October 1992

A creepy feeling keeps on overcomnig Bill at home - it's almost as if she's being watched. The offer of a job interview could prove to be her escape from the mundanity of the factory, and Rona's love life is increasingly complex.


6. Bird On A Wire

First broadcast: Tuesday 13th October 1992

Rona's wedding is hours away, and the Porter household is packed and chaotic in preparation. David and Ben are bored, but Rona and Bill are soon in a somewhat sticky situation.


7. Thank Your Lucky Stars

First broadcast: Tuesday 20th October 1992

As David lies unconscious on a hospital bed, Rona struggles to make it to her wedding on time. Meanwhile, Bill is looking for someone to blame.


Christmas Special: Misery

First broadcast: Tuesday 22nd December 1992

As Rona prepares to spend Christmas alone, the Porter clan reluctantly pack up to indulge Bill's guilt complex by spending the festive season with her intolerable mother in Suffolk.