Sitcom Mission

Warts and All

A situation comedy performed as part of Sitcom Mission 2014

Written by James Alleyne.

Joint winner of The Sitcom Mission 2014

Handsome but put-upon hero Edward is trying to make his way through 14th-century England, avoid the plague and woo the fair Elizabeth. Making his journey difficult are the frustrated royal court wannabe Lord Ralph and the depraved priest Wulfric.

Cast Character
Stephen Chance ... Wulfric
Paul Sockett ... Lord Ralph
Dave Seymour ... Edward
Miranda Hennessey ... Elizabeth
Rowena Lennon ... Customer
Declan Hill ... Frenchman 1
Simon Wright ... Frenchman 2

James Alleyne

Concerned that he wasn't using a degree in medieval history enough, James Alleyne sought to bring the period to life through The Sitcom Mission. He accepts that he may have relied upon jokes rather than any actual historical research in seeking to do so. He is a solicitor by day, and occasionally by night. He has been writing since 2013, and has already seen the limelight in the finals of the 2014 Sitcom Trials in Bristol.