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Blog 98 - Breaking through the blockages
How to get started on your sitcom

Blog 97 - Sitcom Mission 2020
An introduction to Sitcom Mission 2020, which runs from 1st January to Sunday 3rd May 2020.

Blog 96 - Sitcom Mission Longlist blog 2018
The long list for The Sitcom Mission 2018

Blog 95 - Welcome to The Sitcom Mission 2018 - here at last!
The Sitcom Mission 2018 is now open for entries

Blog 94 - The Sitcom Mission 2017
Details on the results of The Sitcom Mission 2017

Blog 93 - Sitcom Mission Longlist blog 2017
Feedback on the 2017 Sitcom Mission entries and the longlist revealed.

Blog 92 - The Sitcom Mission 2017
The Sitcom Mission 2017 is open for entries.

Blog 91 - Andrew Ellard: The Best Advice I Ever Received
Andrew Ellard shares the best advice he's ever received about writing.

Blog 90 - James Huntrods interview
An interview with James Huntrods, the winner of The Sitcom Mission 2015.

Blog 89 - Kick Starting Sitcom Success
Those Three Girls talk about why they think it's important to fund a pilot of their sitcom...

Blog 88 - Likeability
A blog on the subject of likeability in sitcom characters. They don't have to be nice.

Blog 87 - How To Impress A Script Reader - Part 3
There's no excuse for not formatting your script properly.

Blog 86 - How To Impress A Script Reader - Part 2
Characters are the most important thing about your sitcom script.

Blog 85 - How To Impress A Script Reader - Part 1
You need to get your laughs in early on a script.

Blog 84 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 14
What does your character stand to gain or lose?

Blog 83 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 13
The bottom line: each character matters in your script.

Blog 82 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 12
Dialogue is a vital component within your script but the lack of it can also be just as effective.

Blog 81 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 11
In your script showing is always funnier and 'going for the funny' is always paramount.

Blog 80 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 10
Iona Sweeney talks about when to include high concept situations in your sitcom.

Blog 79 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 9
Try taking unique traits from your friends and family to avoid having one-dimensional characters in your scripts.

Blog 78 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 8
Have a story to tell, and make sure you format your script right.

Blog 77 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 7
Always read your dialogue out loud to make sure it sounds right.

Blog 76 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 6
Weak dialogue is a big 'no' in terms of sitcom scripts.

Blog 75 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 5
Make sure you don't write any set ups that don't pay off.

Blog 74 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 4
Jamie Rhodes says to make sure you format your script properly.

Blog 73 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 3
Have a fresh voice. Structure and plotting you can learn but original, interesting ideas are far and few between.

Blog 72 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 2
Writing dialogue with no subtext is a bad idea.

Blog 71 - How To Annoy A Script Reader - Part 1
Don't use too many parentheticals or overly detailed scene descriptions.

Blog 70 - I See Dead People
Advice on how to describe characters in your sitcom script.

Blog 69 - Read Scripts
Why sitcom writers should always look at other scripts.

Blog 68 - 28 Days Later... Day 19: Adrian Poynton
Adrian Poynton says replace 'and' with 'but'.

Blog 67 - Women Are Funny. Get Over It
Women Are Funny. Get Over It

Blog 66 - 28 Days Later... Day 18: Esta Charkham
Casting director Esta Charkham talks about comedy.

Blog 65 - 28 Days Later... Day 17: Kate Smurthwaite
Kate Smurthwaite on how to write anything, then how to be funny with it.

Blog 64 - 28 Days Later... Day 16: Micheal Jacob
Micheal Jacob on how to deal with notes from producers

Blog 63 - 28 Days Later... Day 16: Roland Moore
Roland Moore on the topic of dealing with exposition in scripts.

Blog 62 - 28 Days Later... Day 15: Blakewill & Harris
Writers Blakewill and Harris explain The 'Yes' Test.

Blog 61 - 28 Days Later... Day 14: Matt Tiller
Matt Tiller says you should write another script.

Blog 60 - 28 Days Later... Day 13: The Sitcom Mission
This blog explains why you should beware the dreaded Rear View Sitcom.

Blog 59 - 28 Days Later... Day 12: Marc Blake
Comedy consultant Marc Blake discusses a common pitfall of plot absenteeism in sitcom writing.

Blog 58 - 28 Days Later... Day 11: Dave Cohen
Dave Cohen talks about sorting the differences between what your characters want and what they get.

Blog 57 - 28 Days Later... Day 10: Julie Bower
Julie Bower offers some useful writing tips. Including turning off the internet

Blog 56 - 28 Days Later... Day 9: Andrew Jones
Write the first draft as drama - one of the interesting tips in this blog.

Blog 55 - 28 Days Later... Day 8: Dawn Ellis
Radio 4 producer Dawn Ellis offers her best sitcom writing tips.

Blog 54 - 28 Days Later... Day 7: Stephen Keyworth
Stephen Keyworth offers lots of tips for writing comedy.

Blog 53 - 28 Days Later... Day 6: David Byrne
David Byrne from New Diorama Theatre says to start your script with a real firework.

Blog 52 - 28 Days Later... Day 5: Charles Garland
Charles Garland asks if you can describe your protagonist in one word.

Blog 51 - 28 Days Later... Day 4: Phil Whelans
Phil Whelans says you should think of traits for your smaller characters.

Blog 50 - 28 Days Later... Day 3: Matthew Wakefield
Writer Matthew Wakefield says you should not be precious about your first scripts.

Blog 49 - 28 Days Later... Day 2: Katie Tyrrell
Radio producer Katie Tyrrell explains why you shouldn't write Episode One.

Blog 48 - 28 Days Later... Day 1: Hayley McKenzie
Hayley McKenzie says be passionate about what you're doing.

Blog 47 - Guest Blog - Those Three Girls, Winners of The Sitcom Mission 2013
The winners of The Sitcom Mission 2013 write about their experience

Blog 46 - Creating a character
A blog about how the most important things in sitcom are the characters.

Blog 45 - Stop Press! 2013 Closing Date Extended!
The deadline for The Sitcom Mission 2013 is extended until 15th April 2013

Blog 44 - Infrequently Asked Questions 2013
Answers to some questions about The Sitcom Mission 2013.

Blog 43 - The Sitcom Mission 2013
The Sitcom Mission 2013 is here. Here we go!

Blog 42 - Reflection on 2012
The Sitcom Mission 2012 is all wrapped up, it's time for reflection.

Blog 41 - Sitcom Mission 2012: The Final 32
The longlist of 32 scripts for The Sitcom Mission 2012.

Blog 40 - 2012 Countdown: Five Days to Go: Uncharted Territory
An update on The Sitcom Mission 2012 with five days left to enter...

Blog 39 - 2012 Countdown: Two Weeks to Go
There's two weeks left to get your entry in...

Blog 38 - 2012 Countdown: Three Weeks to Go
Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards, winners of The Sitcom Mission 2011, talk about their experiences.

Blog 37 - 2012 Countdown: Four Weeks To Go
There's four weeks left to enter The Sitcom Mission 2012

Blog 36 - Sitcom with Paul Kerensa
Paul Kerensa talks about sitcom writing.

Blog 35 - Thunderer Script
A copy of the award-winning Thunderer sitcom script.

Blog 34 - David Fynn interview
An interview with actor David Fynn, who is in shows like Pete Versus Life.

Blog 33 - Character flaws
Do the characters in your sitcom have flaws? They should have...

Blog 32 - Writing Episode Zero
A blog about the idea of 'Writing Episode Zero'.

Blog 31 - Siobhan Bachman interview
An interview with Mount Pleasant producer Siobhan Bachman.

Blog 30 - Sitcom Mission 2011 - Final
Details on The Sitcom Mission 2011 final.

Blog 29 - 2011 - Where Were We?
An update on The Sitcom Mission 2011...

Blog 28 - Interview with Julie Bower, writer of 49 Cedar Street
Interview with Julie Bower, the writer of Radio 4 sitcom 49 Cedar Street.

Blog 27 - Colin Anderson interview
An interview with radio producer Colin Anderson.

Blog 26 - The Final 8 of 2011
We'd like to congratulate the following for being the Final 8 that we'll be showcasing in June and July 2011...

Blog 25 - Interview with Adam Bromley
An interview with freelance producer, director and comedy writer Adam Bromley.

Blog 24 - Interview with Hat Trick's Claire Broughton
An interview with Hat Trick Productions' Development Co-ordinator, Claire Broughton.

Blog 23 - Correspondence with a Writer
Correspondence with a writer wondering if they made the top 200.

Blog 22 - 2011 Long List
The 32 scripts long listed for The Sitcom Mission 2011.

Blog 21 - The Beast Of The Rejection
A blog post about rejection of comedy scripts.

Blog 20 - 2011 - 622 Down, 622 To Go
So, we're half way through reading the 2011 entries...

Blog 19 - The Joy of Writing is... Listening
A blog about sitcom writing.

Blog 18 - Where Have We Come From, Where Are We Going?
An interview for IdeasTap.

Blog 17 - French Sitcom
A blog post about comedy abroad.

Blog 16 - Sitcom Mission 2011 Launched
The Sitcom Mission 2011 is launched. See the blog for full details.

Blog 15 - Interview with comedy producer Chris Carey
An interview with Chris Carey. He is the co-producer of This is Jinsy, the surreal sitcom which started life on BBC Three as a pilot and is now moving to Sky for a full series.

Blog 14 - Is There A Draft In Here?
An article discussing sitcom writing.

Blog 13 - All Revved Up With Somewhere To Go
An article about Tom Hollander's sitcom Rev.

Blog 12 - Grand Final 2010
A report from the Grand Final of The Sitcom Mission 2010. Bryn Mills with his sitcom Thunderer is the winner.

Blog 11 - Semi Final B 2010
A report from the second semi-final of The Sitcom Mission 2010. The full line-up for the final is announced.

Blog 10 - Semi Final A 2010
A report from the first semi-final of The Sitcom Mission 2010.

Blog 9 - Heat 4 2010
A report from the fourth and final of the heats for The Sitcom Mission 2010.

Blog 8 - Heat 3 2010
A report from the third heat of The Sitcom Mission 2010.

Blog 7 - Heat 2 2010
A report from the second heat of The Sitcom Mission 2010.

Blog 6 - Heat 1 2010
A report from the first heat of The Sitcom Mission 2010.

Blog 5 - 2010 Shortlist
A list of the 32 sitcoms that were shortlisted for The Sitcom Mission 2010

Blog 4 - Eric Chappell's advice
Advice from veteran sitcom writer Eric Chappell, creator of such classic shows as Rising Damp.

Blog 3 - Feedback: The Pleasure And The Pain
A discussion about the pleasures and pain of feedback.

Blog 2 - Sitcom Mission 2010 Update
An update on how the workshops and entries are progressing.

Blog 1 - Introduction
Declan and Simon introduce The Sitcom Mission.

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