Facts and photos from Steve Best's Comedy Snapshot book

Comedy Snapshot by Steve Best

Stand-up comic Steve Best has been taking pictures in comedy club dressing rooms for years. He's now collected together a number of his pictures for a book called Comedy Snapshot - it's a great publication which really captures what a diverse and interesting bunch of people travel the country in the quest to make audiences laugh.

The book not only features unique pictures (ranging from A-list stars to those just starting out), it also contains some rather interesting facts too, written by the comedians themselves. Steve has kindly allowed us to share a few of the more surprising facts here:

Sean Lock

"I love to dance. My brother Pete was a soul boy, furry dice style, and used to take me to Northern Soul nights."
Sean Lock, July 2011.

Sean Lock. Copyright: Steve Best

Jo Brand

"I have an international rally driving licence."
Jo Brand, October 2013.

Jo Brand. Copyright: Steve Best

Kitty Flanagan

"In one of my first ever appearances doing stand-up, on live television, I had a total meltdown, started to babble unintelligibly and began taking my clothes off."
Kitty Flanagan, August 2009.

Kitty Flanagan. Copyright: Steve Best

Brett Goldstein

"I wrote a fully published erotic novel once, writing as a woman."
Brett Goldstein, November 2010.

Brett Goldstein. Copyright: Steve Best

Jack Whitehall

"I collected Pokemon and still have every card in a box in my room."
Jack Whitehall, December 2010.

Jack Whitehall. Copyright: Steve Best

Paul Pirie

"I gave my flat away as a prize in a pub quiz."
Paul Pirie, May 2009.

Paul Pirie. Copyright: Steve Best

Mark Maier

"My dad once saw Adolf Hitler in the flesh."
Mark Maier, November 2010.

Mark Maier. Copyright: Steve Best

Rufus Hound

"I did the PR for Russell Brand and Shappi Khorsandi's first Edinburgh shows. Badly."
Rufus Hound, December 2008.

Rufus Hound. Copyright: Steve Best

To find out about Comedy Snapshot, see some more of the 440 portraits contained within, and to purchase a copy visit www.comedysnapshot.com

Published: Monday 7th April 2014

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