Lucy Beaumont writes a "mumoir" book

Tuesday 19th January 2021, 1:30pm by Jay Richardson

Lucy Beaumont

British Comedy Guide can reveal that Lucy Beaumont has written her first book, a "mumoir".

Currently titled Mummy ... Can I Stand On Your Head?: Diary Of A First Time Mum, the book will be published on 30th September by Octopus imprint Monoray.

Hardback, eBook and audiobook formats are now available to pre-order from retailers including Watersones, Amazon and Audible.

Sharing "the unpredictable craziness of being a mum", Beaumont, who stars in the fictionalised sitcom Meet The Richardsons, in which she and her husband, fellow comedian Jon Richardson, and their young daughter Elsie play exaggerated versions of themselves, strives to capture the "madness" of having your first child.

The book recalls how Beaumont was hospitalised with indigestion in her third trimester, blaming a burrito, and how she came close to slapping her hypo-birthing instructor. It also covers efforts she made to infiltrate the local mums' social groups and when she embarrassingly forgot her own new-born's name.

Mummy ... Can I Stand On Your Head? also promises to share further insights into her marriage, as she and Richardson navigate her "raging pregnancy hormones" and the pair find themselves "baulking at pram prices together".

Monoray's other forthcoming comedian memoirs include Geoff Norcott's Where Did I Go Right?: How The Left Lost Me, and potentially a long-gestating book from Reginald D Hunter on the British, which he's been working on since at least 2015.

Meet The Richardsons was one of Dave's highest-rated shows of 2020, attracting 1.13 million viewers. A second series of the comedy, written by Beaumont and Car Share's Tim Reid, has been commissioned, following a two-part Christmas special last month.

Beaumont has also written a Channel 4 Blap pilot called Hullraisers set in her northern home town, starring Drifters' Jessica Knappett.

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