The Wilson Dixon Line. Jesse Griffin. Copyright: BBC.

The Wilson Dixon Line

BBC Radio 2 stand-up. 4 episodes (1 series) in 2009. Stars Jesse Griffin and Jesse Budd.

Series 1

1. Words Of Wisdom

First broadcast: Thursday 14th May 2009

Wilson talks about the world and shares his observations of society and the differences between the UK and Cripple Creek. He recounts some of his experiences from his travels, his interactions with people and places and offers his unique advice on how to live life.


2. Sweet Home Colorado

First broadcast: Thursday 21st May 2009

Legendary outlaw country singer Wilson Dixon talks about the country scene, his hometown, Cripple Creek, Colorado, and America in general. He reminisces about his isolated childhood, the people in his dysfunctional family and the local characters that shaped his upbringing.


3. When Love Comes To Town... And Then Leaves Again

First broadcast: Thursday 28th May 2009

Wilson discusses love and affairs of the heart. Hard done by in love, he talks about his ex-wife, Maureen, who pulled at Wilson's heart like he pulls on his guitar strings. Hold onto your Stetson and get ready for the rocky ride of romance.


4. Uncle Wilbour's Advice For Modern Living

First broadcast: Thursday 4th June 2009

In this final episode of the series, Wilson retells the story of his split from his wife, Maureen. The experience resulted in him heading into the mountains with his horse, Andrew, in order to get his life back together - along with a little help from ageing hermit Uncle Wilbur.