What's The Story?. Tom Price. Copyright: Tidy Productions.

What's The Story?

BBC Radio Wales panel show. 64 episodes (9 series), 2009 - 2013. Stars Tom Price, Dan Mitchell, Justin Waite, Frank Honeybone, Hannah Jones and Robert Evans.

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What's the Story? (But really...I don't get it)

The BBC Radio Wales panel show, produced by Ruth Jones' Tidy Productions based in Cardiff, is a sort of 'quirky' 8 Out of 10 Cats. By that I mean, all the best things about 8 Out of 10 Cats are distinctly lacking.

Cat Roper, Comedy Cymru, 11th November 2012

Dan Mitchell interview

Dan Mitchell, a former undertaker, found himself lured to the comedy circuit when he realised how gratifying it felt getting laughs at the local pub quiz he ran.

Howard Gorman, PPSF Webzine, 4th May 2012

This satirical panel game has been running on BBC Radio Wales since 2009, but this most recent, sixth series, has seen some changes.

The most notable of these is that it's got a new host. Previously hosted by Justin Waite, a local breakfast radio host, it's now presented by Dan Mitchell, the runner-up on ITV1's Show Me The Funny.

My feelings towards this show are similar to Radio Scotland's The Guessing Game, really, in that it is mixed. It's below par compared to the other satirical comedies around like Have I Got News for You and The News Quiz. Also, the final round of What's The Story? is just HIGNFY's "Missing Words" round without the guest publication, which is often the funniest bit...

Then again, there were some amusing asides. The main one this time came from panellist Elis James who talked about a friend of his who went to a strip club in Las Vegas who became as Welsh as you could possibly get.

What's The Story? has it's moments, and it's nice to see Radio Wales putting some money into comedy, but I'm not sure this is the best comedy they can make.

Ian Wolf, Giggle Beats, 9th April 2012

Don't mind your Ps and Qs: Justin Waite

Breakfast radio host Justin Waite can't wait for a lie-in next week as topical evening comedy show What's The Story? returns.

Wales Online, 8th October 2011

Comedy preview: What's The Story

Ruth Jones will be one of the guest panellists when topical radio comedy What's The Story? returns for a second series this weekend.

Karen Price, Wales Online, 30th March 2010

Ps and Qs: Ruth Jones

Ruth Jones goes from telly to radio in a newsy quiz show, What's The Story? She reveals why it's a real Tidy production.

Wales Online, 27th March 2010

'Tidy like' comedy panel show

A comedy panel show for news hounds with a heavy Welsh slant is about to hit the airwaves.

Catherine Jones, Wales Online, 15th August 2009